Jun 30, 2014

BET Awards Fashions Loves and Fails

I really enjoyed the BET Awards last night.  I wished Chris Rock would have made a few more jokes, but in all it was a good show. The red carpet was full of fashion loves and fails.  I was tweeting all night about that as well as some of of my fav and and awful parts of the show.

Here are my loves:

I am not a fan of Amber Rose, but this form-fitting elegant white dress is gorgeous.  She nailed her look!

Jun 27, 2014

Mamanista Friday: Jean Shorts . . .or Polka Dots

Mamanista Friday challenge was for jean shorts.  I have a plent of jean shorts.  I purchased a bunch from Macy's right before I realized I was preggers.  So I haven't been able to wear them yet.  Well, i moved and cannot find not one pair of shorts!  I have searched and searched but all I could find was this polka dot rumper.  So here is my only shorts outfit I could find!

 Jacket: Target, Romper: Macys, accessories: Ashley Stewarts, Shoes: Just Fab

Jun 25, 2014

Birds of a Feather . . . .

I work with a bunch of very stylish CurvieBirdies.  Our lovely sales assistant Julia was rocking the H.E.Double Hockey sticks out of these pants!  I had to show ya'll this petite CurvieBirdie's style!

The top and pants are both thrifted!

Jun 20, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Tunics

Today's challenge is to style a tunic.  The great thing about most tunics is that they are already so fancy and pretty, it doesn't take much styling to look amazing. 

Here is my my look:

 Top: Thrifted, Pants: Baby Phat, Bag: Shoe Dazzle, Accessories: Verona, Shoes: Nine West

Jun 17, 2014

CurvieBirdie Watch; Melissa McCarthy

Well, this curvie diva is doing it again!  She will be launching her own fashion line!  I am super excited about her doing something as big as this.  One thing that I did not know about this CurvieBirdie is that she studied clothing and textiles at Southern Illinois University (Yes, I'm an Alum too!)  So she well be very vocal in this collection. 

The reason why Melissa decided to start the line is because she was turned down by 6 famous designers that refused to dress her for award shows.  So sad that designers won't step up for a challenge.  Also, she is tired of shopping and only finding frumpy items to choose from.  I know the feeling honey!  Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Are you excited to see her new collection?  Would you buy a piece if the price is right?

Jun 13, 2014

Mamanista Friday: Preppy Look

I consider myself a borderline genuis anyway, so this weeks challenge was pretty easy.  I love the preppy look, and we even have Tie Tuesdays at work.  And ya'll know I can't let the boys have all the fun!  So here is my look:

Top: Target, Vest: Catos, Jeans: Torrid, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Bag: Gucci Boston, Tie: Oscar DeLaRenta 

Jun 9, 2014

Weekend Style: OOTD Maxi skirt w/Jean Jacket

It was such a beautiful weekend in Atlanta.  After Morgan's swim lesson, I got us dresss to do some lite shopping.  Comfort is always key when I am out with my daughter.  So here is my look:

 Jacket: Target, Tanks: Old Navy, skirt: Indy Boutique, Shoes: Shoe Warehouse

Jun 6, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Graphic Tee

i am so not the Tshirt chic.  I only own a few, and I just throw them on around the house.  This weeks challenge is Graphic Tees.  So I'm digging though all my top trying to find a tee that would go well with this challenge.  Well I come across my Tshirt from Halloween 3 years ago when I was part of the group Run DMC.  That shirt is kinda hot, so I decided to try it out for this challenge.

Jacket: Lane Bryant, Tee: Made w/tee from Old Navy, Pants: Macy's, Shoes: JustFab 

Jun 4, 2014

OOTD: Lime Green

It is time to add some color in my life.  So today, I am rocking lime green.  I also love wearing white, so ya'll will start to see me wearing more of it until the season changes.  But here is the OOTD!!!

Top: not sure, Pants: Not Your Daughters Pants, Shoes: DSW, Bag: Shoe Dazzle, Ear Rings: Shoe Guy

Jun 2, 2014

Morgan Monday: Pool Time!!

This weekend, I took my poo poo Morgan to her first swimming class at the YMCA.  She loves bath-time, so I just assumed that she would enjoy the pool as well.  I had been looking forward to this all week!