Aug 29, 2014

Mamanista Friday: All White Everything

It is my tradition to wear all white the week before Labor Day.  Plus, this week's Mamanista Friday challenge is ALL WHITE!! 

Blazer: Ashley Stewarts, Pants: Macys,  Shoes: DSW, Jewelry: Verona, Hair: K. Logan

Aug 15, 2014

OOTD: Neon........AGAIN!!

I was so inspired by the Neon theme last week, I decided to continue it on into this week.  I had date night with Mister, and this is what I wore:

Top: Twelve24, Pants: NYDJ Nordstroms, Shoes: Mojo DSW, Bag: Shoe Dazzle, Accessories: Verona 

Aug 12, 2014

Birds of a Feather . . . .

I introduced ya'll to Ms. Linda about a week ago.  I told ya'll how fly this pretty grandmother CurvieBirdie is daily.  Well, she did it again.  I so love this look!

Jacket: Ann Taylor, Top: Ann Loft, Shoes: JCP

Aug 8, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Neon

Today's Mamanista Friday look is Neon.  This is a super hot trend in the spring and summer.  There are so many ways to rock this trend like clothing, make-up, and accessories.  So it is very versatile!

  Dress:  City Chic Nordstroms, Shoes: Nine West, Bag: Coach, Accessories: Verona

Aug 6, 2014

Some thing to Chirp About: KeKe Palmer and Sherri Shepard

Broadway's Cinderella is getting a new look.  CurvieBirdies Sherri Shepard and KeKe Palmer will be staring in the new version of the play!  

KeKe will be playing Broadway's first African American Cinderella!  This young lady is doing it real big these days.  She also has her own talk show where she uses social media to reach the masses with topics that concern the youths of America.  She is an awesome role model, and inspiration to her whole generation!

Now our lovely CurvieBirdie Sherri Shepard has had a rough year.  She went through a nastly divorce, and her husband tricked her into getting a surrgate for a baby so he could divorce her and get child support payments!  Then she left the view where she has worked for over 7 years.  However, there is something new in her life to be exicted about.  She will be playing the wicked stepmother in Cinderella.  Now I don't see her as a wicked stepmother type, but I'm sure she will kill it!

What do you think about Broadway finally having an African American Cinderella?  If the play came to your town, would you go see these two ladies in it?

Aug 1, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Lace Detail

I am going to say this was the hardest challenge for me.  I could only find 1 shirt that was lace, but it was a bit short and I am not going to let ya'll see all my extra like that!!  So I have some other amazing CurvieBirdies that decided to step up to the challenge!

 Top: AE, Jeans: Dereon, Jacket:  H&M, Shoes: Macys