Jun 6, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Graphic Tee

i am so not the Tshirt chic.  I only own a few, and I just throw them on around the house.  This weeks challenge is Graphic Tees.  So I'm digging though all my top trying to find a tee that would go well with this challenge.  Well I come across my Tshirt from Halloween 3 years ago when I was part of the group Run DMC.  That shirt is kinda hot, so I decided to try it out for this challenge.

Jacket: Lane Bryant, Tee: Made w/tee from Old Navy, Pants: Macy's, Shoes: JustFab 
I can't believe I found this tee!  Brings back memories (see pic below).

So do you wear graphic tees?  How often?  Do you dress them up or down?
*Do forget to go to The Babyshopaholic site for pics of other fab moms doing this challenge!!!

Here is the pic of me in the Tshirt as Rev Run:

And yes, we won the Halloween Costume Contest that year!!!

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  1. Gurl... That was the best costume eva! You as Rev is hilarious! That shirt is genius!