Nov 30, 2012

It’s the Weekend Baby!!!

Hello CurvieBirdies.  It’s almost Friday night, and I just got paid!!!  So I will be hitting the streets this weekend.  I was super sick right after Black Friday, so I didn’t get out at all last weekend.  So now I am retts to go!!

I will be attending this event tomorrow night,  It is given by the pretty Parker! 


It should be a wonderful holiday party with great shopping, so I hope that some of you CurvieBirdies are able to make it out!!

Nov 28, 2012

Winterizing Your Wardrobe Wednesday

Hello CurvieBirdies!!!  Today we have a young lady that has also mastered the art of winterizing her wardrobe.  Please meet Ms. Jennifer!!



When I saw her, I was like this is the perfect winterizing your wardrobe outfit. She uses a bright colored skirt and belt then adds the black tights, jacket, and boots. Way to go added a little bright color to fall/winter!



I love that gold bow bracelet!!!  Super hot!  Great job Jennifer.  You hit this one on the nose in my opinion.

Outfit breakdown:

Thrifted Jacket:                  $2

Thrifted top:                       $1

Thrifted belt:                      $1

Accessories:                        $6

Skirt:                                   $20

Total:                              $30 !!!!

Love the look, love the price!  Have any of you started to winterize your wardrobes yet? 

Nov 25, 2012

Fly By Buys: Cyber Mondays

So we made it past Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  I think I got sick out for Black Friday shopping, so I have been in the house all weekend.  I may be home tomorrow too if I can’t get one of these nasal passages clear!  Since I am sick anyway, Cyber Monday will be a treat for me!! Here are some deals ya’ll should check out with me:

it's here-one day early! shop today & tomorrow! CYBER MONDAY with so many specials to choose from

Best Buy Logo

Free $25 savings code with store pickup on purchases $250 or more, 2 days only



I really need some cords, and Old Navy has some starting at $19-$29 depending on the size you need.  So do you plan to buy anything on Cyber Monday?  If so, where are you planning to shop?

Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Happy Thanksgivings ladies and it gents.  I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and got good and full.  Ya’ll know I did.  That’s why I am sitting on the couch blogging right now.  I am trying to plan my attack on Black Friday, and I thought I would share some tips with ya’ll.

First, make sure that ya’ll look through all the sales papers first.  You want to find out what stores have what on sale.

Next, write out a list of everything that you want at each store to see which stores need to be hit up first.

Third, get a team together.  Ya’ll need someone to stand by the line in front so that they can hold a place.  Lines can be super long once the sales hit.  Also, you need another person to help run around the store to get all the items that you are planning to buy.  So my suggestion is that you go in teams of at least 3 or more.

Also, dress comfortably.  You may need to sprint to a certain section of the store, so be sure that you got on running shoes and loose fitting clothing.

Lastly, after all that hard work you just did to get all those great holiday gifts, go home and relax.


So do you go Black Friday shopping?  How early do you get out?  Do you finish all your shopping on Black Friday?

Nov 19, 2012

Weekend Finds

Happy Monday!!  I had an incredible weekend!  During my shopping time, I decided to go to the thrift store to see if I could find any cute knick-knacks for the house.  I didn’t find anything for the house, but I did find something even better!

Diane von Fürstenberg !!!!!

This shirt was just sitting there waiting on this curviebirdie. Her button down tops are normally around $300, but guess what I paid . . . .$3.99! BOOM!!!!!







I am still in shock myself.  Still can’t belief it!!  So what is the best thing you have found while thrifting?

Nov 16, 2012

The Bird is Flying Out of the CooCoo Nest

Happy Friday everybody.  Hope ya’ll made it through this week and ready for the weekend baby!!!!  I haven’t really made it out to any events lately, so this weekend I plan to get out and about.  I would really love it if I could meet some of ya’ll out some of these local Atlanta events.  This is what I am planning on doing this weekend.


Studio 404 Meet and Greet.  Come out and me meet and other BBW and BHM at this fun event!!!!!  Open to everyone, so see you there!

Brunswick Zone Marietta

2749 Delk Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067



Old Navy is having a buy one get on 50%,

or (for cardholders)

Buy one get one 75% off!  Cha-Ching!!!  I will be at this sale for sure!!

OLD NAVY | IN-STORE ONLY • 11/17–11/22 | BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF THROUGHOUT THE STORE | No coupon necessary | OR CARDHOLDERS BUY ONE GET ONE 75% OFF THROUGHOUT THE STORE when you use your Old Navy card, Gap Card or BananaCard*



Model Casting Call for the Fashion Show Production of the “L” Word


Mattress Factory Lofts

300 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Have you ever wanted to be a model in a professional Plus Size fashion show?
Well here is your opportunity to shine in our very first Fashion Show. We are looking to cast 7 women and 5 five guys for our Show production which will include some acting.
There is no size or height requirement but we ask that you be curvy

1. Must come in all black or white tank and jeans (heel are a must)
2. Male models are asked to dress comfortable and must be able to move around comfortably.
3. Must be comfortable in sexy scenes as well as learning scripted lines for production scenes.
There is no experience necessary but must be professional at all times.
Registration fee is $15

Nov 14, 2012

Center for Black Women's Wellness 5th Annual Family Health & Beauty Expo

Hello CurvieBirdies.  I blogged about the fashion show on Monday.  Well this is part 2 of the event.  The Curvie fashion show was hosted by socialite OhNikka.  This show was of course my fav!!  The curvie models were absolutely gorgeous.  I have experience in this industry, so I can tell you that OhNikka did an excellent job with her model selection.  See for yourself !!!


078 075

076 079

083 089

087 084


Excellent job ladies!!! You all looked fabulous!!!!!  The clothing worn by the models is from Curvato by Nicci Gilbert of “Brownstone” and R & B Divas.

So are there any pieces shown that you want in your wardrobe?  Have you ever purchased anything from this line?

Nov 12, 2012

Center for Black Women's Wellness 5th Annual Family Health & Beauty Expo

Last weekend I attended the CBWW Expo.  The fashion shows were awesome!!  I was only able to attend two of the shows, but still great shows.  The Babyshopaholic was the host and stylist of the kids fashion show.  She did an amazing job!  Take a look:







See, I told you.  These kids were so cute!!!  The Babyshopaholic did her thing!  Also, we have to give it up to the children who modeled in this show despite it being nap time!!!

Nov 9, 2012

If it Weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be Naked

It’s the weekend baby!!!!  It has been extremely cold this week in Atlanta, and I don’t really have a causal coat for this weather.  I don’t want to wear my “Sunday” coat everyday, so I am in need of something a bit less dressy.

Well to my luck, Old Navy is having a great sale on outerwear.  In the store and online, outerwear is 50% off for the entire family.  So I will be in the store trying on coats this weekend.  If I can’t find something in the store that fits, online it is!

Outerwear Sale


Here are my top choices:

Women's Plus Performance Fleece Peacoats

Women's Plus Performance Fleece Peacoats $29.00

Women's Plus Frost Free Moto Jackets

Women's Plus Frost Free Moto Jackets $49


Women's Plus Short Canvas Trench Coats

Women's Plus Short Canvas Trench Coats $35


So these are the coats I would choose if I end up purchasing online.  Which do you like best?

Nov 8, 2012

Election Night Fashion

Happy Hump Day.  Well it’s the day after the Presidential election.  So this post will be on election day fashion. 

Ann Romney was seen casting her vote in Mass wearing a blue wool coat and black slacks with brown knee boots.  This look is very conservation, but super cute.  Liking the look Ann!!!!


The night of the election, she wore a red dress.  She looked like a first lady with the dress and her hair pulled back into a bun.

Presidential Election

And here is the 2nd Term First Lady Michelle Obama wearing Michael Kors.  She is looking very elegant and chic.  Michelle Obama is a fashion trend setter!!  She wears pieces from j. Crew as well as Michael Kors and Jason Wu.  She definitely was wearing her first lady fashion crown election night!!!


President Barack Obama along with first lady Michelle Obama.Photo / AP

So do you heart this pic by Mrs. Obama?  Do you think she is a trend setter?

Nov 5, 2012

OOTD: Weekend Style

It’s Monday again, and I hope we all can get through it fabulously!  This weekend, I went to the Center for Black Women’s Wellness 5th Annual Family Health & Beauty Expo.  It was a tremendous event with free health screenings, products, and super hot fashion shows!!!

I will be posting pics from the fashion show later this week, but first check out my fashion show weekend style!!




Cute right? I know!!!

Price Breakdown:

Cato Vest:                                         $4.95

Thrifted white shirt:                         $2.35

Thrifted scarf:                                   $2.50

Dots Leopard jeans:                          $9.00

PrettyGirl Glam earrings:                $12.00

Icandee accessories:                         $15.00

Nordstoms red shoes:                       $29.99

Total without shoes:                     $45.80

Total without accessories:          $18.80

So how did I do?  I only paid full price for the accessories!  Boom!!!!!  Have you all started thrifting yet?  If so, tell about the fab pieces you have purchased.