Mar 29, 2012

Nordstrom’s Plus Sized Line


I have always loved shopping at Nordstroms.  I normally shop their shoe section, which is awesome!!!  Plus I buy my Bobbi Brown cosmetics there as well.  I have never really looked in their plus sized section, nor did I even know if they had one.  Well recently I found out they did, and it’s not boring stuff you typically see in higher end department stores.  They carry many designer plus sized clothing lines like Lauren and Monif C.  So here is a look at some of the really fab pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe!!!

Not Your Daughter's Jeans® 'Alisha' Skinny Stretch Jeans (Plus)

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans “Alisha” Skinny Stretch Jeans  $114.                           I love color jeans for this season.  These are a must have for all CurvieBirdies. 

DKNYC Sleeveless Stripe Knit Dress (Plus)

DKNY Sleeveless stripe knit dress  $129.  This type of dress can be dressed up or down depending on what you are doing or where you are going.

London Times Belted Colorblock Dress (Plus)

London Times Belted Color Block Dress $98.  This is so simple til it’s so gorgeous.  Color blocking is the spring fashion trend, and this dress is the perfect color block look.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Boatneck Top (Plus)

Michael Kors Boatneck  Top $99.50.  I love color and this top is full of color.  Its very versatile and can be worn with jeans or a cute skirt.  Again, this top can be dressed up or down.  You can get many looks from top.

So do you ladies like these pics?

Mar 27, 2012

Spring is here!!!

Hello CurvieBirdies.  I live in Atlanta, and spring has shown up and showed out here.  We are having beautiful weather.  It feels so good out now; I’m going to hate the hot summer that is surely going to follow.  Anyway, I love color and will be very bright this season.  Check my look!!!!

3-26 003  3-26 004

I am wear berry colored jeans from Lane Bryant, a net sweater top from Old Navy, a turquoise tank from Target, Sole Society shoes, and Boa Acessories.

Outfit Breakdown:

Berry Lane Bryant Jeans                   $36.09(used coupon!!)

Old Navy net sweater                        $6.48

Target Tank                                        $10.00

Sole Society shoes                               $Free (normally $49.95)

Boa Accessories                                   $24.00 (Earrings and Necklace)


I wanted to try a like color block situation here.  I hope ya’ll think I succeeded!!!  What are you thoughts on color blocking?

Mar 23, 2012

Weekend Fly by Buys


Happy Friday CurvieBirdies!!!  It’s the weekend BABY!!!!!  I know I said I was going to slow down my shopping, but there are some super sales this weekend!  I am not saying that I am going to buy anything, but I will leave the option open.  So here are the weekend fly by buys . . .

Lane Bryant Home Page

Up to 50% Off

Lane Bryant is having a huge sale online.  As you can see, they are offering up to 50% off online for your purchases.  It would be a great time to buy work pants, capris, and those cute summer dresses!!  This summer, it’s all about color, so don’t be scared to add a little color to your wardrobe!!!  So go online and check it out.

candy-colored crops



I am sure by now, you all know that “If it weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be naked.”  Well this weekend, they have all their summer dresses on sale for $15 and up for ladies!  Also, for you CurvieBirdies that are mothers, girl dresses start at $10.  I am super girly, so I love to wear dresses in the summer time.  I just may have to give in to these great prices, and buy a few of these cute dresses!!!

All dresses on sale

So these are my pics for my weekend fly by buys.  Do you think you will shop any of these sales this weekend?

Mar 21, 2012


Good day CurvieBirdies!!!  This weekend I was a little bored, so I decided to spend the day out shopping and dining with Babyshopaholic and Peyton.  Macy’s had an incredible sale on Plus Sized fashions.  I think I am done shopping for the moment!!!  Anyways, here are my finds!!!!

3-16 004  3-16 007

This coat was only $15!!  I know, I can’t believe it either, but it was.  It’s a short coat that comes to the waist.  The sleeves are wide and comes to the wrist.  It’s very cute and cozy!! 

3-16 008  3-16 009

This is a cute purple beaded pocket sweater dress.  It was $17.25!!!  I’m gonna be looking so fly when fall comes around again!!!

3-16 010

This thin pink and black sweater has sequin on it, and it’s a little longer in the back.  I love things that sparkle!!!  It was $11.13!!

3-16 011

Again, I love things that sparkle!!!  This red sequin tank it long and has one pocket on the top left side.  It was $13.50.

So how did I do with these purchases?  Do you love Macy’s too?

After the afternoon of shopping, Babyshopaholic, Peyton, and I went to dinner at Pappadeaux. 

3-16 002

Aren’t they cute!!!  Peyton, the super model baby, actually decided she wanted to take a picture with her beautiful mother.  Peyton grabbed mom and said “Cheese!!!”  So of course I had to take the picture.

This was an awesome afternoon.  Did any of you CurvieBirdies go out this weekend?  Any good finds?

Mar 19, 2012

Weekend Style: Thrifted

Happy Monday ladies!!!  I hope everyone enjoy their weekends.  It was a beautiful one in Atlanta.  Here is my weekend style!

3-15 006  3-15 008

3-15 010  3-15 007

3-15 011  3-16 013

This whole outfit is thrifted!!!!  I am wearing a blue and white pinstriped blazer, high-waisted jeans, Tribal pattern Sole Society shoes, and Boa Accessories.

Outfit Breakdown:

Thrifted Blazer:                     $6.95

Thrifted Jeans:                      $4.50

Walmart Cami:                     $5.00

Boa Accessories:                    $12.00

Sole Society Shoes:               $Free ($49.95)

I love these pieces.  I still can’t believe the out was thrifted.  And let’s talk about the shoes.  I am a member of Sole Society, but I actually won these shoes from Miss Dominique's weekly shoe giveaway!!  I love free things!!!  Check out her weekly shoe giveaway!!

So how do you like this thrifted look? 

Mar 15, 2012

Something to Chirp About: Boa Accessories

Hello CurvieBirdie!!  I hope we all are having a fabulous day.  Well, if you have been reading my blog, then you know how much I love accessories.  Accessories can take a plain outfit and turn it into something so fierce!  Well, I have meet a young CurvieBirdie who sells Fabulous jewelry, and I have patronized her plenty the past few months.  So now I will share her with you.  Please meet Miss DeeDee!!!

3-15 003

She is super cute!!  And she is dressed as gorgeous as her accessories, which she is wearing in these pics!!

3-15 001 

 3-15 005  3-15 004

Her shoes are too hot!!  I think I need those in my life!!  Check out her Owl bracelet!!  That is too cute.  I would buy that, but it doesn’t come in curviebirdie wrist size.  Here are some items I purchased from her last week:

extras 005  extras 008

Gold Earrings $12                                      Red/Gold Felt Earrings $12

extras 006  extras 012

3-D Cubed Earrings $10                         Silver Tunnel Shaped Earrings $11

extras 009

Opal necklace $14

Aren’t these pieces so cute!!  I love her jewelry and her prices are so reasonable.  She is bringing some new pieces out today.  Hopefully I won’t spend my whole paycheck on Boa Accessories!!  Do you heart Boa Accessories too?

You can check her website at  She is available to host parties, and as a host you will receive an awesome discount on your purchase.  Tell her CurvieBirdie sent you!!!

Mar 14, 2012

Thrift Finds

Hello CurvieBirdies.  I have told myself that I will stop shopping as much, so now I have started thrifting.  It is amazing how much you can purchase for $10 and under at a thrift store.  So I wanted to share with you one of my thrift finds. 

3-13 001  3-13 002

3-13 007  3-13 006

3-13 004  3-13 008

The blazer is thrifted, the ruffle”Prince” shirt is from Lane Bryant, the high-waist brown belted slacks are also from Lane Bryant.  The leather brown shoes are from DSW, and the earrings are BOA Accessories.

Outfit Price Breakdown:

Thrifted Blazer                                          $2.50

L.B. Shirt                                                   $ old, cant remember

L.B Pants                                                   $ 12.24

DSW Shoes                                               $64.99 (Gift from friend.  Thanks John!!)

BOA Accessories Earrings                       $12.00

Outfit total without shoes:


So do you like how I style this blazer?  Have you ever shopped at thrift stores?  If so, how often do you go?

Mar 12, 2012

Weekend Style

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.  I had a very busy one.  Here one of my weekend looks.  I am wearing a Kmart LYS shirt, Torrid flare leg jeans, Sole Society booties, and Boa Accessories jewelry.

new 287  new 289

new 293  new 295

extras 001  extras 003

Outfit Rundown:

Kmart shirt:                               $8.39

Torrid Jeans                               $17.98

Sole Society Shoes                     $49.95 (got for free!!  Thanks Aunt Trina!!)

Boa Earrings                             $10.00

Outfit Total with free shoes:   $36

I really love this tunic.  Kmart has done an excellent job with creating this line with pieces that can be worn to work and out on the town!!  I am trying to slow down on my shopping, but Kmart has so many really cute pieces and I just can’t help myself.  So are you still liking my Kmart LYS picks?

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Kmart.  These are solely my opinions on their line.  I have not be compensated for these reviews.

Mar 8, 2012

Kmart: Love Your Style Look

A few months ago, I did a post on the super trendy fashions I purchased from Kmart online.  The plus size fashion line is called LYS which stands for Love Your Style.  And I must say that I am truly loving this Kmart Line!!  It is not what I expected.  The fashions are trendy, cute, and a much higher quality than I expected from Kmart.  So if you are looking for fabulous fashions for a smaller budget, Kmart LYS line is definitely for you!!!  Here is how I style the cute skirt I purchased . . .


DSC01076  DSC01073

DSC01071  DSC01069

I am wearing a black blazer from Torrid.  The cami is from Lane Bryant.  The gorgeous skirt is from Kmart’s LYS line.  Shoes are Jessica Simpson, and the necklace is from Avenue.  And lets not forget the star of this outfit SPANX!!!  These are the SPANX tights.

Here is the price breakdown:

Torrid Blazer                         Gift from mom.  Hi mom!!  Thx!!

LB Cami                                 $6.00

Kmart LYS Skirt                    $5.99

SPANX Tights                        $18.00

Jessica Simpson Shoes           $23.47 I think.  Gift from mom. Hi mom!! U the best!!

Avenue Necklace                    $2.00

Now I know a did good with this outfit.  I hope you CurvieBirdies feel the same!!  So have you tried the Kmart LYS Line yet?  If not, do you think you would purchase clothing items from Kmart?

Mar 6, 2012

I Heart Lily Kai’s Vintage Boutique

I week ago, I told you beautiful ladies that I attended a Vintage Boutique by Lily Kai (Kristen Kai owner).  This is the scarf I purchased from her for $3.50.  Here are my many looks with this gorgeous multicolored silk scarf !!!

Feb 29 019
Feb 29 005  Feb 29 009
This is my day look; I am at the office.  I am wearing the fab scarf of course.  I’ve paired it with a green button down cardigan from Lane Bryant, dark blue Z. Cavaricci jeans from Torrid, a white button-down blouse from Target, and brown platform loafers by BCBG Girl from my shoe guy.

Feb 29 008    Feb 29 011
Here is a closer look at how I rocked the scarf.  I just tied it once around my neck and buttoned my sweater over top of it.  I thought that was a cute idea!

3-1 031  3-1 030
A closer look at the BCBG Girl shoes.
Run down of the outfit:
Lane Bryant Cardigan                               $12.60
Target White Button-down                       $4.24
Torrid Z. Cavaricci jeans                          $27.90
BCBG Girls                                               $99
Lily Kai Scarf                                            $3.50                    
Total without shoes:  $47
Next Look
3-1 003 3-1 005
I am wearing the scarf in my evening/date night look.  The scarf is tied around my neck like a bow tie and kind of fluffed out.  I am wearing an Old Navy sweater, flare leg jeans from Torrid, and a blue flower from my shoe guy.

3-1 001  3-1 006
Here is a closer look at the scarf and my pretty blue flower.
Run Down of the outfit:
Old Navy Sweater                                  $10.00
Torrid Flare Jeans                                  $17.94
Flower                                                    $2.00
Lily Kai Scarf                                         $3.50
Steve Madden Shoes                             $29.90
Total without shoes:  $33.50 !!!
Last Look:
3-1 017     3-1 012  3-1 016 3-1 010
Here, I just tied the scarf once and let it just hang down.  I am wearing a blue Walmart sweater, a white cami,and  blue Wisdom jeans from Torrid.

Run Down of the outfit:
Walmart Sweater                                 $3.00
White Cami                                          Free
Dark Blue Torrid Wisdom jeans          $29.99
Red Steve Madden Shoes                     $29.90
Lily Kai Scarf                                       $3.50
Total without shoes:  $36.50 !!!

Please check out Kristen Kai’s Vintage Boutique at:
It is very obvious that I absolutely love this scarf.  It goes with everything, and makes all my outfits come to life with its bright beautiful colors.  So How did I do with this purchase?  Do you love the scarf too?  Have you checked out yet?