Jun 29, 2012

Alert!! Alert!! Alert!!!

Hey CurvieBirdies!  I have got to put u on this amazing One Day Wonder Sale Old Navy is having tomorrow.  ALL FLIP FLOPS MARE $11!!!!! Yes that is correct  $1 !!!  So tomorrow morning, you know where I’m gonna be at.  Please know that people that this sale very serious and lines will be long.  Also if you wait until later in the day, your color choice will be very limited.  Trust me, I’m speaking from experience!

1 Day Wonder

There is a 5 pair limit per customer, so take your kids too!!!! This sale happens once a year, so be sure to take advantage of it!!!

Will be be getting new flip flops tomorrow?

Jun 27, 2012

Something to Chirp About

Hey CurvieBirdies!!!  I have mentioned the Spoiled Diva before, but I am going to introduce her again.  I actually see this lovely CurvieBirdie at the Style Bloggers of Color Conference.  She is still beautiful and still has some very awesome pieces.

6-15 008

6-15 009

6-15 012  6-15 011

Cute right?  I know!!!!!  Love this accessory Lady!!!!  I need to get one of these bags in my life.  Too cute!

She also has these very fab T-Shirts with her logo on it.  How do I look?

6-15 037

6-15 041

6-15 040

I feel like I am the Official “Unofficial” Spokes Model for Spoiled Diva “Unofficially” !!!!!!!  LOL.

Spoiled Diva T-shirt:                       $15

Spoiled Diva Earrings:                    $15

Dots Jeans:                                     $16

Shoe Guy Shoes:                             $29.90

So what do you think ladies?  Am I the flyest official “unofficial” model you’ve seen in a while?  Have you had a chance to check out Spoiled Diva’s web store?

Jun 25, 2012

Players Ball Pt. 2

Afternoon Curvies.  I have received some many compliments on my dress from the Studio 404 Players Ball, I thought that I would add an outfit breakdown for you.  So here is the info on the Players Balls dress that I rocked the #@!$ out of!!!!!

playas ball 082
playas ball 080

playas ball 070
The dress is from Torrid.  I got it off the clearance rack.  What’s funny is that I didn’t even like the dress that much and I wasn’t even gonna wear it!  Thanks to my lovely friend June, I wore it and rocked it!!!!
Here is outfit breakdown:
Torrid dress:                                $54.97 (clearance is bogo so I go another dress too!)
DSW Guess Shoes:                      $35.94
Pretty Girl Glam Earrings:         $15.00
Bracelets/Ring:                           $5.00
So now you ladies tell me what you think of the dress?  Was this a good look in your opinion?
Total:                                         $110.91
So now you ladies tell me what you think of the dress? Was this a good look in your opinion?

Jun 21, 2012

Players Ball Weekend!!!

This past weekend, I was invited to attend Studio 404 Players Ball for Big Handsome Men.  I had the time of my life.  Not only is this group of people fun and cooler than a fan, but they truly know how to party!!!  This was truly a “No Sleep til Brooklyn” event because I didn’t get to bed until 5am!!  This club is for Big Beautiful Women (BBW) and Big Handsome Men (BHM) and those who love them.  I am now a lifetime member!!!!


The Playas Ball was held at the Comfort Inn of Doraville.  I cannot express how much fun this event was.  This was my first party with the group, but trust it will not be the last.  Like I said, this group knows how to get it in from 6 to 10!!!


The administrators of the group, Lem and Alyson

Here are some photos of the events:

playas ball 021   playas ball 025

playas ball 050   playas ball 060

playas ball 026 playas ball 078

playas ball 068  538331_10151043896028200_1160931077_n[1]



I was looking super gorgeous if I don’t say so myself.  Hehehehe!!! 

playas ball 080  playas ball 082

playas ball 070 playas ball 081

But the other Curviebirdies showed up and showed out as well!!!


playas ball 031  playas ball 035

playas ball 043  playas ball 045


And the Winner is . . .Frank (King)!!!!!!!!!  A truly handsome man that brought his A-game to the ball!  He won this event hands down.  His swag is so sick, and he is from Chicago!!!!

playas ball 090

He’s so lovely ladies, don’t you agree?



Look at these beautiful CurvieBirdies!!  Everyone wanted a pic!!

252717_10151043816188200_1463206947_n[1]  182566_10151043811638200_823059435_n[1]


So as you can see, we had an amazing time.  I would say more, but my mom reads my blog, so I’m going to stop here.  (Hi Mommy!!)

So if you get a chance, go on Facebook and like Studio 404.  Also if you decide to become a member, tell them that CurvieBirdie sent you!!!!

So did you like my dress?  Do you belong to any Facebook groups?

*Some of the pictures are courtesy of Studio 404 and 1000 Words Photography

Jun 18, 2012

Style Bloggers of Color

Hello Ladies!!!  Last week I had the honor of attending the Style Blogger of Color Conference presented by the Beautiful Mattie James.  It was a weekend of fun, great networking, and amazing speakers.  Also Saturday night, there was an event called “Curls Night Out” which was sponsored by Mae of Natural Chica.  I was able to attend this affair, and I had a great time hanging with other Bloggers and shopping!!!

6-15 003

6-15 001 6-15 002

And the Style Bloggers of Color were looking super fab!!

6-15 004

6-15 034  6-15 035

6-15 020 6-15 005

And lets not forget the shopping!!!

6-15 016

6-15 017  6-15 021

6-15 0236-15 022

It was held to the swank INK Art Gallery in the Castleberry neighborhood.  This space had some beautiful art pieces there.

6-15 027

6-15 028

6-15 029

This event was amazing and I am so glad I was able to attend the conference.  Thanks Mattie James for putting together a event for Style Bloggers of Color!!!