Jun 28, 2013

Style Me Friday: CurvieBirdie’s Point of View

 Hello CurvieBirdies!!  It's time for Style Me Fridays again which is sponsored by the beautiful Fashionista Next Door!!  This weeks look is the versatile look of the grey tee.



My Look:



Please excuse the mirrored images in the background.  Had no idea that would happen when I took the pics!!!

Outfit Breakdown:

Thrifted Harve Benard Blazer:                                       $5.00
Old Navy Grey Tee:                                                       $2.00
Ashley Steward High Waist Pants:                                $??? 5 yrs old
JustFab Wedges:                                                            $free
Shoe Dazzle Bag:                                                           $20
Accessories:                                                                   $20

Outfit Total w/o Accessories:                                     $7.00

Yep, another cute outfit on the low low!!!  I don't know how I do it myself.  I surprise me sometimes!!!  So you tell me what do you think of the grey tee trend?  Would you wear a grey tee out when you dress up?  What about with a skirt like the inspiration pics above?

Jun 26, 2013

OOTD: Walmart and Target Style

 Happy Hump Day CurvieBirdies.  The week is almost over, and weekend time is upon us!!  this week's OOTD is going to stump you!  Please check out the descprition and price tag at the bottom!!  You have been warned; hehehe!!!


Outfit Breakdown:

Brown Jacket:                               $gift (thx grandmom)
Walmart dress:                              $1.00
Lane Bryant belt:                          $free on another shirt I bought
Target Shoes:                                $11.98

Total Cost w/o shoes:                   $1.00

Bammmm!!!!!!  So what do ya'll think?  Would you wear an outfit that costs $1.00?  Would you purchase summer dresses from Walmart?  Have you ever?

Jun 24, 2013

CurvieBirdie is Preggers and IT’S A GIRL!!!!

Happy Monday ladys and gents.  It is time for me to let the cat out the bag.  I am 5 months pregnant with my first child!!!  Yes, it's true, and I am still in shock.  But I am happy to be having a little Birdie with my now Fiance John.  So thanks in advance for all you well wishes!!

This weekend, I went to Old Navy to get the $8 dresses, but I got there too late to get the xxl sizes cuz that's all this belly will fit in.  Next door to Old Navy, there is a Carters and they are having a huge sale!  Take a look at all the items I purchased:





I got 16 pieces for $50!!!  Yep, all that stuff was just $50.  Even my baby is going to be a baby fashionista!!!  Thank you John for buying your future daughter some of her first outfits! 
So what do ya'll think of these purchases?  I know I did good.  Do other baby stores have sales like these?  For all you mothers out there, any advise for a first time mom?

Jun 21, 2013

Style Me Fridays: Curviebirdie’s Point of View

Happy Friday again ladies and gents!!  So glad the weekend has came back around cuz i needs some rest.  This week is Full Figure Fashion Week, but I was not able to attend this year.  But I am able to do Style Me Fridays!! So take a gander!!!

My inspiration:


My Look:





Outfit Details:
Twelve24 Peplum top:                     $30
Lane Bryant Jeans:                           $6.99
Dots Belt:                                         $2.00
JustFab Shoes:                                  $5.00
Total with shoes:                                 $43.99
So how do you love the Peplum look?  Do you wear it?  I think its very flattering to all cueviebirdie's waist line.  What do you think?

Don't forget to go to Fashionista Next Door to check out the other fashionistas in their peplum outfit today!!

Jun 17, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me: Eloquii Sale!!!!

Happy Monday CurvieBirdies!  We got to have a conversation about Eloquii.  They are having a serious sales on their website!!  It's 70% off most everything, so now is the time to stock up ladies!!!

Here are a few of my pics:

Side Print Sheath
Item# 23303145
 Sheer Fabric Mix Dress
Item# 23268420
Sheer Overlay Top
Item# 23951310
White Zip Vest
Item# 22562027
So ya'll know I'm abouts to be all over this sale!!  I advise ya'll to get on it to before I clean them out!!!!
Have you ever purchased items from Eloquii?  Do you like their fashions for curviebirdies?  Will you buy something from them during this sale?

Jun 12, 2013

OOTD: Old Navy and Lane Bryant

Hello CurvieBirdies!!!  I don't do very many OOTD posts anymore, so I thought I would do one today.  Hope you like!!



Outfit Breakdown:
Lane Bryant Blazer:                             $19.99
Old Navy dress:                                   $8.00
Shoes from Shoe Guy:                         $29.99
Consignment Fendi Bag:                     $300
Total w/o shoes/accessories:              $27.99

I purchased both these items last year at the end of the season sales.  I can't stress enough how important it is to shop these sales ladies!!!!  So what do you think?  Would you mix bright colors like this too?

Jun 10, 2013

Kelly Price: Too Fat for Fame Casting Call

Hey CurvieBirdies.  Ya’ll know I love everything curvie and fabulous, so here is something I just came across.  We all know and love Kelly Price.  Well she is holding a casting for a new unscripted reality show showcasing talents of CurvieBirdies!!  She knows from experience how hard it can be to break into the business when you are not the ideal size. 



Remember Kelly Price was with Bad Boys before she got with R. Kelly to produce her solo album.  She said that Diddy thought she was too big, so she song on the background of many of Bad Boys greatest hits.  So now she is giving others the chance to show the world that talent can come and all sizes. 



The details are below if you are interested in submitting:

Casting NOW for season 1! Actors, Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Models, Designers etc etc.... Must be hard working. Must be driven. Must be PLUS SIZED! Post Submissions/Auditions here on Facebook or email to Submissions@TooFatForFame.com

Contact Info


So get your submissions ready and send them in!!!

Have you ever been to a casting call?  Do you think its harder for curviebirdies to get into the business?  What talent will you submit?

Jun 7, 2013

Style Me Friday: CurvieBirdie’s Point of View

Hello CurvieBirdies.  It’s that time again.  This weeks challenge was the super elegant black and white trend.  These colors are very timeless and will always be in style.  Shout out to all the ushers that wear black and white every week!!
My look:
Outfit breakdown:
Forever 21 jacket:                                     $27.99
Lane Bryant cami:                                   $10.00
Torrid pencil skirt:                                   $34.99
JustFab wedges:                                      $gift
Total:                                                       $72.98
None of the pieces of this outfit were on sale.  But that’s ok cuz everything can’t always be on the low.  Anyway, how did I do?  Did you know Forever 21 had plus sizes? Do you like my re-creation?

Jun 5, 2013

CurvieBirdie to Watch: Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has been in the news a lot lately.  She is the very funny and talented actress from movies like Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids.  She is still fairly new to the scene, but making a huge impact in Hollywood.


Rebel admits that she has no fashion sense, so she has an amazing stylist that keeps her very fashionable.  I love this lace dress she wore to the Glamour Awards in London where she won Woman of the Year.


I am a new fan of hers and I can’t wait to see what this CurvieBirdie does next!

Have you seen any of Rebel Wilson’s movies?  Are you a fan?  Do you think she is funny?

Jun 3, 2013

Something to Chirp About: Just Fab

Hello CurvieBirdies!  Last weekend, Just Fab had a great online sale.  It was buy any item for $39.99 and get a 2nd item for $5!!!!!  Then, there was also a sale on flat sandles for $14.99.  So yall know me; I took advantage of this sale because I had a credit on my account.  Here is what I bought:

So, with the one credit that I had on file, I didn't have to pay anything!!!!  Nope!!  Got all three for free!!  So that makes 4 pairs that I ended up getting for free off one credit with from JustFab !!!  If ya'll remember, I went to a JustFab Party back in January and got a free pair of shoes.  Well I used it for a sale and something didn't fit, so I returned it.  With that return, I was able to get these 3 for free as well.  So I am very happy with the purchases!!! 
The only thing I would change is the required monthly purchase.  If you don't skip the month by the 5th, then you are still charged $39.99 and credit is added to your account.  This is one if the only shoe clubs that still do that. 
Have you tried shoe clubs yet?  If so, which?  How has your experience been?