Apr 30, 2012

Weekend Style

Well hello CurvieBirdies!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, because mine was the best!  Still tired over here.  Lots of events, hanging with friends, and shopping!!  But we will get to that later this week.  I wanted to to a weekend style post today since I haven’t done on in a while.  So here I am . . . . .

4-28 036  4-28 038

4-28 039   4-28 040

The pants are Not Your Daughters Jeans I thrifted.  These jeans can be purchased at Nordstrom’s for $129.99!  The shirt is Tommy Hilfiger I got from the Swapinista party last week.  The shoes are sole society, and jewelry is from my shoe guy. 

Here is the price breakdown:

Not You Daughter’s Jeans (Thrifted)                       $3.50

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt (Swap)                                   $Free

Sole Society Shoes  (Won those)                               $Free

Jewelry                                                                       $4.00

Outfit Total:                                                            $7.50 !!!!!

Wow!!!  I didn’t realize the outfit was that inexpensive!!  I think your girl just came up over here.  All name brand pieces for $7.50?  Let me take a break and do my happy dance . . . . . .Ok.  I’m back!!

So as you can see from the pic, I have blond hair now!!  Kinda bold and completely different for me.  What do you think about the hair?  What do you think about my outfit?  For that price, would you do the happy dance?

Apr 27, 2012

Fly by Buys: If it Weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be Naked


Hello CurvieBirdies.  I have exciting news for you!  Old Navy is having a sale on Summer dresses for $8!!  Yes, $8 is correct.  So you know where I will be on Saturday Morning bright and early.  I plan to get one in every color.

Old Navy Presents: One Day Wonder Dresses


You're invited to get Old Navy One Day Wonder Dresses for just $8. Say yes to a stylish summer dress! This Saturday at Old Navy. Valid 4/28/12. Select Styles...

I learned of this sale by following Old Navy on Faebook.  So I hope to see you there this Saturday!!!!

Will you check out the sale?

Apr 26, 2012

Something to Chirp About: Spoiled Diva


4-22 017_thumb[1]


I meet Ms. Spoiled Diva: CL Felder at the Swapnista Atlanta Event on Saturday.  She has the cutest accessories for the best prices. Check some of her pieces!!

4-22 018_thumb[1] 4-22 016_thumb[1]

4-22 022_thumb[1]  4-22 021_thumb[1] 

She has colorful leather earrings as well!!

Neon Color Block Leather Earrings - Fuchsia, Purple, Blue, Green  Neon Color Block Leather Earrings - Yellow, Fuchsia, Orange, Purple  Mixed Leather and Chain-link Earrings


I even purchased a pair of her earrings that day and wore them in the show!!

Colorful Spring Wood Bead Hoop Earrings - Multi-color Wood Beads

Cute right?  They went wonderfully with my floral runway outfit.


4-22 019_thumb[11]

Ms. Spoiled Diva is wearing a fabulous one shoulder dress.  Also, her fabulous friend is here who is wearing a dress I need in my closet. I plan to continue to shop with her!!

So how do you like these accessories?  Have you checked out Spoiled Diva’s website?

Apr 25, 2012

Swapinista Atlanta 2012


Hey CurvieBirdies!!  This past weekend was so awesome!!  I did participate in the Fashionable Atlanta Blogger Style Wars at the Swapnista Atlanta event.  My category was Floral.  S/N: I must say that I did look super cute!! 

There were about 12 bloggers in the competition, and everyone looked fierce.  Although your truly was super fly, the winner of the competition was the beautiful Ms. Fly Won.  Trust me, she did her thing in the color-block category.

The event was at the House of Adrene hosted by the Two Stylish Kays and Pretty Girls Rock Dresses.


4-22 027

The House of Adrene has all the unique clothing that you won’t find anywhere else.  So if you are looking for something different, check at this store.  You won’t be disappointed!!

4-22 029  4-22 026

Aren’t these dress super hot?

4-22 028

Color-blocking, tribal, accessories.  House of Adrene has it all.  S/N:  I should have bought this skirt and wore it as a tube top.  Love it!!!

4-22 015

Here is Pretty Girl Rocks Dresses getting her make-up done.

  4-22 025  4-22 019

4-22 030   4-22 035

Ms. Eboni from Fashionista Next Door     Ms. Tia from If I were a brit girl

4-22 036  4-22 038

Ms, Jazmine of Fashion Rouge           Ms. Corie of It’s my Taste

4-22 039  4-22 037

Ms. Nikka of Oh Nikka

swap   swap2















Here is Ms. CurvieBirdie in her florals ripping the runway!!!!

4-22 050

These are the three finalists

4-22 045    4-22 049

And the Winner . . . Ms. Fly Won !!!!!!

4-22 051   4-22 053

This was probably the best event I’ve been to.  I can’t wait until the next one in September.  Your girl will win next time!!!!

How do you like the fashions displayed?  How did you like my floral look?  Will you attend the next Swapnista event in Atlanta?

Apr 23, 2012

Something to Chirp About: ATL Diaper Relief


Good day CurvieBirdies!!!  I wanted to take a moment and talk about a nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart.  ATL Diaper Relief helps hundreds of women in need by supplying diapers.  According to the founder, Ms. Kia, some women have to reuse soiled diapers because they cannot afford to buy new ones.  Well Ms. Kia saw the need and decided to do something about!!  Ms. Kia, we all love you for your courage to stand up and do what’s rights for these women.

Atlanta Diaper Relief

Yesterday, I went to one of her diaper drives at Mighty Jumps.  At this diaper fundraiser, parents could bring their kids to play at Mighty Jumper for free if the parent brought diapers to donate.  This event was a success!!  I don’t have any children, but I supported this event anyway because it is the right think to do, and it was fun!!  This event was hosted by Ms. Kia of Atlanta Diaper Relief, Ms. Mimi of Lipglossandbinky, and Ms. Trina of Babyshopalic.

4-22 056


4-22 054  4-22 061

4-22 063  4-22 064

4-22 065 

So if you are looking for a charity that actually does help the community and makes a difference in the lives of babies, this is the charity for you!!  Please check out Atlanta Diaper Relief website and find out ways you can donate to this cause.

Apr 20, 2012

Fly By Buys

Hello ladies and happy Friday!!!!  This weekend will be a super busy one for me.  I am in the Atlanta Swapnista Style Wars competition that I blogged Wednesday.  I plan to walk the runway and walk home the winner!!!

I will also be be checking out a few sales this weekend. 

Macys 3 day Super Saturday Event.  I will be heading over to Perimeter for this sale since they have a pretty big curvie section and I love the American Ragg Line they have there!!

Macy'sa 3 day event not to be missed super saturday its a weekend win win incredible savings plus everyday values sitewide

Also, Torrid just made some new clearance mark downs.  Maybe I’ll find a few cute tops and bottoms there.


So what are your weekend Fly by buys?

Apr 18, 2012

Something to Chirp About . . . Swapnista !!!!


CurvieBirdies, I have some super exciting news for you!  Yours truly will participating in the Swapnista Day Party and Fashion Show.  Yes, I will be in the fashion show!! I am so excited, I can’t even think about anything else!!!!

This event will be an afternoon full of fun!  Come out to the premier swap party hosted by the SWAPNISTA.  Party with the Pretty Girls who rock dresses.  Featuring vendors, Fashionable ATL ripping the runway, food, and drinks.

There is still time to register for the swap, so come out and join!!!  Also, come and support this CurvieBirdie in action!!!!

Have you ever been to a swapnista event?  Do you plan on attending?

Apr 16, 2012

My Favorite CurvieBirdies


I love that curvie women are doing their thing regardless of the naysayers!!  These women are beautiful, have positive self images, and are role models for All Women!!  Here are my most fab CurvieBirdie pics . . . .

5. Trisha Yearwood

She is a leading Country singer and a full figured diva!!  She has concoured the Country music world, now she is making southern cooking cook books.


4.  Ashley Graham

This full figured model is too hot for tv.  Recently, ABC felt her Lane Bryant ads were to “risky” for primetime.  Haters!!!  She has the perfect hour glass shape and has an attractive face to match.

3.  Adele

This multi-grammy winner Bombshell is AWESOME!!!  Love her!!!  She has broken all the rules in the size-obsessed music world.  No one can deny her talent or her beauty.


2.  Jill Scott

“Who is Jill Scott?”  I think we all know that now.  Singer, actor, mother.  There is know stopping this soulful diva.



1. Oprah

Oprah for President!!  She is a self made Billionaire!!  What can you say negative about Oprah?  Well whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.  This woman has done amazing things for many people and children.  She has launched careers, giving selflessly, and educated the children of 3rd world countries.  She is and will always be my idol.



These are all very women.  I respect each for the work that they do.  They inspire me to be a better me.  And, these are all CurvieBirdies making our world a better place. 

So do you admire these women?  Who would you add to that list?