Mar 29, 2013

Style Me Fridays: CurvieBirdie’s Point of View

Friday has made its way back around, and this CurvieBirdie is so glad of it!!  I am ready to chill out and hang out this weekend. 

This week’s look is pink pants.  So take a look at my inspiration.



Now here is how I styled my pink pants:


Mar 27, 2013


It’s hump day, and this week is flying by. It’s been very cold in ATL, so I am dressing in layers to stay warm!!  Check me out!!!


Mar 25, 2013

Something to Chirp About: Jibri Spring Collection

It’s Monday again CurvieBirdies!!!  Well, last week Jibri announced their Spring Collection.  After looking at some of the pieces, I just had to share my faves.  Jibri carries sizes 10 – 28, and their Spring Collection is hotness!!!

JIBRI Plus Size High Waist Flare Skirt

JIBRI Plus Size High Waist Flare Skirt $110


Mar 22, 2013

Style Me Friday: White Pants

Happy Friday CurvieBirdies!!!  Well Style Me Fridays is back!!!  Today’s look is white pants.  I know that it has been declared ok to wear white anytime, but I’m still on the fence with that.  Anyway, here is my Style Me White Pants look!!


Now Check out my look:


Mar 20, 2013

Who’s Your Fashion Icon? Babyshopaholic+ Jackie O

Last week, I shared my fashion icon with you, Sarah Jessica Parker.  I asked my followers to send me their pictures of themselves and to tell me who their fashion icon was.  Well Trina from the Babyshopaholic told me her fashion icon is the stylish and super elegant Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Looking at the pics of Jackie O and the Babyshopaholic, I can see she does incorporate Jackie O in her styling.

Here they are with the girls:



Chic, conservative, but sexy dresses:


Can’t go wrong with a hot black dress:

Print coats are so classic:

I think Trina looks amazing, and I think Jackie O would be proud that she is the Babyshopaholic’s fashion icon!!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Please keep sending in your pics and tell me who your fashion icon is.  I will post a collage of you and that person.  Send pics to

Mar 18, 2013

Weekend Finds

Happy Monday all.  It was super gorge in ATL this weekend, so I got up and out in it!  This weekend was the weekend of super sales I think because I got so much stuff on the low!!!!

Kohl's — Expect Great Things®

Khols was my first stop.  There, I got 3 pair of pants for $7.20 each!!!  Yep, I did that!!  So my total was $23.26 all together!!



Then I went to Macys.  Ya’ll know by now that I loves me some Macys right?  Well, they never let me down when it comes to cute clothes on a great sale.  Floral Jeans are where it is at this spring, and I got 2 pair for a total of $30 for both pair!!  Bam!!!!



Lastly, I went to a place I haven’t been to since I left undergrad in Carbondale, IL.  I went to Dillards and I cannot believe what I saw.  There were some super savings going on.  I got 3 pair of skinny jeans!!  The orange ones were $17.46, and the other 2 pair were $11.20 each!!  Boom!!



So how did I do?  Did ya’ll find any great deals this weekend?  Have you tried checking out Dillards?

Mar 15, 2013

OOTD: Alyson Chestnut

Happy Friday CurvieBirdies!!  Today’s OOTD post is featuring Miss Alyson Chestnest.  She is the owner of I-Candee Jewelry which caters super hot pieces that fit the fingers and arms of CurvieBirdies!! Ya’ll have seen me in her pieces. 

Anyway, check out her Weekend Look!!


Aly is rocking a cute one shoulder dress from Torrid and I-Candee Jewelry!  Last weekend was a warm one, so this CurvieBirdie dressed for the occasion!!

Great Job Alyson!!!  Love the look!!!!

Mar 13, 2013

Who is Your Fashion Inspiration?

Today, I want to ask all you C urvieBirdies who is your fashion inspiration?  I have always been in love with Sarah Jessica Parker a.k.a Carrie Bradshaw!  This chic is so fly.  I was very devastated when Sex in the City left the air, but I still keep up with this fashion icon.




5-5 027


phone pic 147


So who is your celebrity inspiration?  Email me at with a picture of you and your celebrity inspiration to to posted on the blog!!

Mar 11, 2013

Fly By Buys

Welcome to Monday!!!  This was a super beautiful weekend in ATL, and I got out and enjoyed myself!  I spent time with friends and family.  Went out Friday and Saturday nights, so I had a ball!!  Since I was so busy, I didn’t really have time to go shopping.  So instead, I pulled out my laptop, and these are my finds from ASOS!!


Faux Leather Skirt  $21.19


Black Tee with Sheer back  $13.56


Do ya’ll like these pics? Would you wear as faux leather skirt?  What do you think about a sheer back shirt?

Mar 8, 2013

OOTD: If it Weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be Naked!

Happy Friday everybody!!!!  I am so glad the weekend is upon us.  And I hope the weather gets warm this weekend so I can get it in!!!!

So this is today’s is a combination of Old Navy and Thrift.





Outfit Breakdown:

Old Navy Dress:                                   $5.00

Thrifted Blazer:                                    $2.50

Shoe Dazzle Boots:                              $39.99

Target Scarf:                                        $4.28

Accessories:                                          $13.00

Total Without Shoes or Accessories:    $11.78

I love this look! Also, my blogger friend Dea from Pretty Girls Rock Dresses is having a dress challenge.  So I am trying to increase my dress wear before the springs gets here. 

So how did I do?  Do you like these colors together?

Mar 5, 2013

OOTD: CurvieBirdie Ms. Shante

Today, I am re-introducing Ms. Shante!  This CurvieBirdie is showing off her stylish-ness in this cute outfit.  I must say, I am loving her shoes the most!!!




Cute right? Well this diva says that she would have worn dark skinny jeans, but her friend talked her into black leggings. I think I would agree with her on that look.



Aren’t these shoes cute!!  OMG!! Flat ankle leopard booties!  She got these for $12!!  Good Job Ms. Shante!!

Do you like?

Mar 4, 2013

Saddidy: The Sweet Life

Last week I had the honor of being invited to the 1 yr anniversary for Saddidy Magazine!!!!  It’s been a great year for the beautiful Miss Sadiddy!  The event was full of fabulous bloggers enjoying the “SWEET LIFE” !!!


There were drinks and a nail bar!!!  Too bad I had just my nails done Sad smile!

Mar 1, 2013

Style Me Friday: CurvieBirdie’s Point of View

Its Friday ya’ll which means it’s time for the style me challenge hosted by The Fashionista Next Door.  This week the challenge was Sweatpants and heels.  I know ya’ll thinking that’s different right?  Well here is how I styled it!



My style: