Jun 27, 2014

Mamanista Friday: Jean Shorts . . .or Polka Dots

Mamanista Friday challenge was for jean shorts.  I have a plent of jean shorts.  I purchased a bunch from Macy's right before I realized I was preggers.  So I haven't been able to wear them yet.  Well, i moved and cannot find not one pair of shorts!  I have searched and searched but all I could find was this polka dot rumper.  So here is my only shorts outfit I could find!

 Jacket: Target, Romper: Macys, accessories: Ashley Stewarts, Shoes: Just Fab

This is still from last season, but I couldn't wear it while preggers.  The shoes were a gift from my bestie Yolanda!!  Thx girlfriend!  Also, that jacket was an old jean jacket from Target that I cut the sleeves on it, so I make me a vest!  Great way to save money and not to buy a new vest!!!

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