Feb 28, 2014

Mamanista Friday: Curviebirdie Pollinates Florals!

Happy Friday!!  Mamanista Friday has rolled around again and today's challenge is Florals!  I Have fallen in love with florals patterns since last year.  So here is CurvieBirdie's look!!


Feb 24, 2014

Something to Chirp About: Eloquii is biz-zak!

Were you sad when Eloquii went away?  Well if you haven’t heard they are back and doing it big!  Please check out their site because:
“There are no words in the dictionary book that describe how gorgeous these clothes look!” (Borrowed that for the great-late Rick James)
Did you seethat faux leather peplum vest?  Or that black and white jacket with the ruffle going down the middle?  I am on Eloquii website right now getting a few pieces!!!
Do you have any pieces from Eloquii pieces?  Will you shop there with this new line?

Feb 21, 2014

Mamanista Fridays: Curvie is Sporty Chic

Its friday and time for another edition of Mamanista Fridays on The Babyshopaholic.  Each week, a theme is chosen and fabolous mothers everywhere get a chance to showcase how fly they are and can be!!! 

This weeks look is Sporty Chic . . . . . .



Feb 19, 2014

OOTD: Asos and Shoe Dazzle

Another OOTD featuring Asos.  When I was on maternity leave sitting in the house, I did all my shopping online.  Asos always has a good deal to be found.  I got this dress for the summer, but decided I would "Winterize My Wardrobe Wednesday" for ya'll today.


Feb 17, 2014

Weekend Style: Asos and Target

I had a rough weekend due to getting wisdom teeth pulled, but still found a way to get dressed and hang.  I always say that if you look good, then you will feel good.  Well mission accomplished! 

While at home on maternity leave, I did a lot of shopping online.  I rediscovered Asos and got some really cute pieces.

Feb 15, 2014

Mamaista Fridays: CurvieBirdie Does Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentines Day and I had oral surgery :(  So couldn't celebrate with Mister the way I wanted to.  However, we did go out last weekend.  And I must say, I was looking super-dooperfly!!!


Feb 13, 2014

Something to Chirp About: Sarah Jessica Parker New Shoe Line

I am so excited to announce that my fashion icon has a new shoe line coming out!!!  Yes, Miss Sarah Jessica Parker finally has her own line that will be debuting in Nordstroms on Feb. 28.  

Feb 10, 2014

OOTD: Asos and Shoe Dazzle

It was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta, so I decided to get out and enjoy it. I took Morgan out with me, so I wanted to look cute and be comfortable.  And this is what I decided to wear:

Feb 7, 2014

Mamanista Friday Meets Black History Month

I love Mamanista Friday challenges. I think it's important to show that CurvieBirdies can be trendy and look just as cute and stylish as everyone else!  So this weeks challenge is prints.  Since it is Black History Month, I decided to wear my Dashiki with a pattern head wrap.

Feb 5, 2014

OOTD: Everything that Glitters!!!!!

Is it just me, or do you buy items and forget you have them?  Well, that seems to be something I do more often than I would want to admit. So while I was "digging in the crates" the other day, I found this super fantastic blazer that I just had to rock!

Feb 3, 2014

Something to Chirp About: Around the Town Blogger Style Competition

The weekend is over, but it was s super good one!  Not only did the Seahawks and their 12 year old quarterback win the Super Bowl(jk), but Plus Positivity had a blogger style competition at Ashley Stewards in Cumberland mall. 

If you haven't looked at their site yet, please do so!  This is a very positive and supportive organization focusing on the Plus Size community. 

Here are the bloggers standing with the beautiful and talented Nikki Gilbert.  At the event, the bloggers were given multiple style challenges to dress models. At each round one or more bloggers were eliminated until there was just one standing.