Dec 30, 2011

My Favorite Finds of 2011

I love to discover new things; especially cute, funky, and affordable items.  Here are some of my major finds of the year.  I hope these items can be some of your favorite items in 2012!!!!

Makeup eyeshadow

I so love their eye shadows.  I used to buy MAC eye shadow until I discovered ELF.  These cosmetics are truly a great buy and works just as well.  I still buy/use MAC because they do have amazing colors.  The colors start at $1 for singles, but can be purchase in pallets for $5 and up.

I also use their brushes everyday.  They are all around $1 - $3 a piece.  They can also be purchased in bundles.

Metallic Neck Warmer                                                                                 front view
This is Neck Warm is from Dots, which is my new favorite accessories store.  You can great the hottest items for the low-low.  These neck warmers are $10.

Reversible Beret                                                                                     front view
This is my new winter hat for the light winters weather in Atlanta.  Cute right?  It's reversible and only $6!!!

Menswear Cabby Hat
This caddy hat is my cute "bad hair day" hat. (Not that I have many of those!!)  It is only $6 too!!!

These are the "Onyx" earrings from  Love all her stuff.  Please check her out.

So hot right?  Got these too!!

These are my favs!!!  It can be worn with so much!!!  Her jewelry is so hot!  I get compliments every time I wear her stuff.  So trust me, you should try Pretty Girl Glam too!!!!

I can't say enough about Jeffery Campbell.  His shoes are the baddest in the land!!!  And, they are so comfortable.  Finally, a man that understands womens' feet.  You can't go wrong with his shoes!  Plus he does have exclusive styles that only so many retailers will have.  So you won't have to worry about seeing a lot of other CurvieBirdies rocking your shoes.  These are my first pair!!!!!

So here are my major finds for 2011.  I hope you CurvieBirdies check out this brands for yourself!!!  Happy New Years!!!

Dec 27, 2011

Something to Chirp About

After moving to Atlanta a year and a half ago, I realized that my Chicago winter coats were too bulky and heavy for the lighter winter weather, so I took some time out today to try and find an “Atlanta” winter coat.  There are tons of SALES on right now, so here are my finds . . .

This is from My Favorite store OLD NAVY!!!!!  It can be purchased online in Plus Sizes for $39.99.  Its available in 1x-4x.

This coat is from Forever 21.  I just learned last week that they had plus sized fashions.  Ya’ll could have told me!!!  This coat is $44.80.  Available in 1x-3x.

This coat is also from Forever 21 Plus.  Its $34.80.  Available 1x-3x.  Can’t go wrong with a camel colored coat.
Merona® Water Repellent Short Trench Coat - Assorted Colors
This super hot Merona peacoat is from Target.  I love this color, don’t you?  It is available online for $27.98.  Available in X-Small – XXL, and it’s water repellent!
So now my dilemma is which coat do I choose.  I am on a strict $70 budget for a coat, so with these finds, I may be able to get two.  Which would you choose?

Dec 22, 2011

Holiday Party Fashions

This is the holiday season, and I know all you fashionable CurvieBirdies are attending different holiday and NYE parties.  Well, I have never really gone out for the NYE parties, but I may change that this year!  I have been invited out to an event hosted by a CurvieBirdie and catering to all CurvieBirdies in the Atlanta area.  Here are some dresses that I would love to wear, and maybe you would love to wear as well to your holiday parties.

All dresses compliments of

Kaori Infinity Dress

Kaori Infinity Dress  $125

This dress is smoking HOT!!  It can be changed and worn 6 different ways, which makes this my favorite pick for the season!!

Rebecca Gown in Black

Rebecca Gown in Black $225

Now, you can’t tell me this dress isn’t sexier than a ______ !!!!!!  I love this dress because of that low neckline and high split.  It also comes in different colors.

Becca Asymmetric Dress

Becca Asymmetric Dress $160

This dress is super cute as well.  I really am feeling the sequins on the one shoulder.  I would definitely need to wear my fat sucker Spanx with this dress so all my curves can show up and show out!!!

Love Spell Gown

Love Spell Gown $190

This dress is trendy, but elegant at the same time.  The asymmetrical shoulder shows off just the right amount of skin for the CurvieBirdie to be sexy, but sophisticated at the same time.  Plus the purple and black look so well together, especially at night!!  Love it!

So these are my Holiday Party Dress picks.  They are a little pricey, but it’s well worth the splurge for an amazing night on the town celebrating the holiday season.  

Which dress would you pick?

Dec 20, 2011

Weekend Finds

This weekend, I went to my office Christmas Party.  I had no idea what I was going to wear until the last minute.  I chose a simple black dress that I got from Old Navy.  It is very basic, but super cute.  Anyway, I decided I wanted to dress it up a bit with some accessories, so I went to Dots!  What I love about this store is that they have very trendy accessories for all CurvieBirdies on a budget like me.  So I purchased  some belts and tights. 
This belt is elastic with a big flower in the front.  Those of you that know me, know I loves me some flowers!!!  This belt was $8!
Now I have been looking for a skinny red belt for some time now.  And wouldn’t you know it, but there is was at Dots!!!  Not only did I get a super hot skinny red belt, but it came with 3 other belts for $6!!!  I almost passed out at this deal!  The colors are red, black, and a pinkish-purple.
So CurvieBirdies, if you need any type of cute accessories, try dots!!  Their belts and tights go up to a 3x, so don’t be afraid they won’t fit!  I know that’s how I felt about their tights, but I get all this 200lbs+ up in them just fine.  Nothing is tight or cutting any part of my body.  So Dots is the place for CurvieBirdies accessories!!!
I will post a picture of me at the party with this belt later this week, so stay tuned for the well put together outfit!!!
Have you ever purchased anything from Dots?  How is the fit?

Dec 14, 2011

Something to Chirp About


Hey CurvieBirdies!  I wanted to tell you gals about something I wear almost daily:


(or fat-suckers like I normally call them)

This is the greatest invention since the Real Housewives of Atlanta!!   As curviebirdies, we sometimes have a little “extra” around the mid-section.  I love dinner rolls, but I hate to see them showing up after I get dressed.  Why should everyone know that I have that little “extra” around my mid-section?  I want my “extra” to be invisible.  Don’t you?  Well this product helps!!  Trust me on that!  If Tyra Banks can wear Spanx, then so can I!

Why look like this:


When you can look like this:


Spanx are priced from $34 and up.  They can be found at Lane Bryant,Catherines, and at

There is another more affordable brand called ASSETS.  These are about $18 and up.  They can be purchased at Target Stores.  I own a pair of these also, and they work just as well!!

<em>Assets By Sara Blakely</em> Womens High Waist Mid-thigh Shaper/super

How do you fell about shape-wear?  Which brand do you like better?

Dec 9, 2011

If it Weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be Naked, Pt. 3

This is the end of the Old Navy week series, but I promise you that there will be more in the future because this is my favorite store!!  Well, here is how I put together some of those Old Navy sweaters. 

phone pic 143

Here I am in the tan Old Navy sweater with a white sleeveless collared button-down.  The pants are Lane Bryant,  which I got 3 pair in different colors for $65.  S/N:  Use your Lane Bryant coupons when u can for a deal like this.  There pants are normally $49.50 per pair, but there was a sale and I had my coupons!!  The scarf origin is unknown.  Now lets add this up.

Sweater        $10

Pants            $30

Sleeveless     $4.24

Scarf             ????? But I’m sure it was a great find as well

So I am well put together (hope my curviebirdies agree) for under $45including accessories!  Pow!!!

Now this sweater was purchased about a month ago from Old Navy.  I bought it for $19 but it was on sale last weekend for $15.  It’s a very cute sweater, and I’m cool with having paid a few bucks more for it.  Here’s the look:

phone pic 147   BOA

I paired the sweater with a pair of House of Dereon Skinny Jeans from TJMaxx $20, an off-white cami from Old Navy $1.24, and a long black scarf from Wal-Mart $5. The earrings are from BOA Accessories $12 (Like her on FB).  So lets add this one up:

Sweater              $19

Dereon Jeans    $20

Cami                  $1.24

Scarf                   $5

BOA Earrings    $12

The outfit is around $45 not including the earrings.  Still a great find here!! 

What do you think of these finds?  Do you love wearing earring like these?

Dec 8, 2011

If it Weren’t For Old Navy, I’d Be Naked, Pt. 2

On Sunday, Old Navy had an awesome sale on sweaters, PJs, etc which I told you guys about.  Well, here are all of the items I purchased. 

phone pic 135     phone pic 133

$7 Cozy PJ top

phone pic 136     phone pic 134

$9 Cozy PJ bottom

phone pic 137      phone pic 132

$10 Tan V-Neck Sweater

phone pic 139

$10 Pullover Sweater

phone pic 138

$4.97 XXL Men’s Button Down Shirt for my Boo!! (Shhh! It’s a Christmas gift!)

This is all the damage I could do because I was on my hour lunch break.  All these items plus a pair of Cozy Socks for $2.50 were the highlight of my Sunday afternoon.  All the items listed above rang up for a grand total of $51.36 including tax.  Thanks Old Navy!!!

Stay tuned for these items coordinated into Fab outfits by this CurvieBirdie!!!

Did anyone else make it to the sale?  What are some of your weekend finds?

Dec 4, 2011

If it Weren't for Old Navy, I'd be Naked

Those of you that know me know that I am an Old Navy crackhead!!!  I think that about 65% of my wardrobe is from that store.  Their clothes fit really great, and its easier to find an Old Navy than a Lane Bryant.  Also, Old Navy always have sales.  They seldom let me down.

Well I just found out today that they are having an awesome sale that I must share with my CurvieBirdies.  They have:

Sweaters               $10+
Cozy PJ's               $9
Cozy PullOvers      $7
Jeans                      $10+

The jeans that are on sale are the flare leg style.  These only go up to a size 18. The sweaters go up to XXL which is a good fit for CurvieBirdies.  I normally get an XL or XXL depending on how the sweater is made.

Hurry to the sale.  I think it ends today!!!!!  Deets on my finds will come later this week!!!

Do you love Old Navy?  What do you think about the fit?


Dec 1, 2011

Hello Curvie Birdies!

I am a Curvie Birdie that loves to shop.  I blame this on my mother because she had me in the mall every Saturday when I was a child.  Anyway, as I have gotten older, I realize that finding a great deal shopping is like finding a $5 bill in an old purse.  So this blog is to help other CurvieBirdies find great deals and to stay stylish on a budget.  I want to share my ventures on dressing fabulous, finding deals, and working these curves.

For today's outfit, we have a black wrap dress from Target $6.24.  Red scarf from Walmart $5.  Funky tights from Dots $1.  Whole outfit for $13.24!!!!  Can't beat that ladies!!!  Now, I did make an investment in the black boots.  They are Two Lips leather boots from DSW.  All ladies need a good pair of leather boots to keep in rotation.

The dress is actually a maternity dress!  Ladies, don't knock the maternity line at Target.  I always find great deals in that section.  Target's maternity line gives a bit more room in the mid-section area, so it does work for all my CurvieBirdies!!!