Jun 25, 2014

Birds of a Feather . . . .

I work with a bunch of very stylish CurvieBirdies.  Our lovely sales assistant Julia was rocking the H.E.Double Hockey sticks out of these pants!  I had to show ya'll this petite CurvieBirdie's style!

The top and pants are both thrifted!

When I saw her, I fell straight in love with those pants.  I love the bold red against the neutral colors.  This was soo cute.  She told me she got the pants a year ago for a $1!!  What?  Really?  Great buy!  She makes me want to go thrifting this weekend!  Great look and good job at being the stylish CurvieBirdie of the week!

So do you find hot items like this when you are thrifting?  How often do you go out?  What was the last super piece you received from thrifting?  Which stores do you go to? 


  1. she looks beautiful

  2. I love Julia's pants! Great find/buy! Very cute combination with the lace shirt and wedge heels.