Mar 19, 2012

Weekend Style: Thrifted

Happy Monday ladies!!!  I hope everyone enjoy their weekends.  It was a beautiful one in Atlanta.  Here is my weekend style!

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This whole outfit is thrifted!!!!  I am wearing a blue and white pinstriped blazer, high-waisted jeans, Tribal pattern Sole Society shoes, and Boa Accessories.

Outfit Breakdown:

Thrifted Blazer:                     $6.95

Thrifted Jeans:                      $4.50

Walmart Cami:                     $5.00

Boa Accessories:                    $12.00

Sole Society Shoes:               $Free ($49.95)

I love these pieces.  I still can’t believe the out was thrifted.  And let’s talk about the shoes.  I am a member of Sole Society, but I actually won these shoes from Miss Dominique's weekly shoe giveaway!!  I love free things!!!  Check out her weekly shoe giveaway!!

So how do you like this thrifted look? 

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  1. Love the outfit!!! I need to get down to the thrift store quick!