Mar 5, 2012

Weekend Finds

This weekend, I went to Walmart to buy a car charger for my car.  It was suppose to be a quick trip, but we all know you can’t get go in Walmart and come right out.  After I found a car charger, I proceeded to the check out when I so a sign for sweaters for $3 !!!  For real?  Ya’ll know I luvs me some sweaters.  So here they are . . .

3-1 021  3-1 023

These are basic sweaters that can be jazzed up with the proper accessories and bottoms.   They come in all different colors, and are in sizes small – XXL.  I just choose the colors I like and look good in.  Look out for my follow-up posts on how I styled these sweaters!

3-1 0263-1 025

This sweater is a bit different from the others, but still $3.  This cream sweater also comes on many different colors as well.   I liked the color of this sweater, plus it has a bit more of a collar where the others did not.

So how did I do?  Would you buy sweaters from Walmart at this price?

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