Mar 21, 2012


Good day CurvieBirdies!!!  This weekend I was a little bored, so I decided to spend the day out shopping and dining with Babyshopaholic and Peyton.  Macy’s had an incredible sale on Plus Sized fashions.  I think I am done shopping for the moment!!!  Anyways, here are my finds!!!!

3-16 004  3-16 007

This coat was only $15!!  I know, I can’t believe it either, but it was.  It’s a short coat that comes to the waist.  The sleeves are wide and comes to the wrist.  It’s very cute and cozy!! 

3-16 008  3-16 009

This is a cute purple beaded pocket sweater dress.  It was $17.25!!!  I’m gonna be looking so fly when fall comes around again!!!

3-16 010

This thin pink and black sweater has sequin on it, and it’s a little longer in the back.  I love things that sparkle!!!  It was $11.13!!

3-16 011

Again, I love things that sparkle!!!  This red sequin tank it long and has one pocket on the top left side.  It was $13.50.

So how did I do with these purchases?  Do you love Macy’s too?

After the afternoon of shopping, Babyshopaholic, Peyton, and I went to dinner at Pappadeaux. 

3-16 002

Aren’t they cute!!!  Peyton, the super model baby, actually decided she wanted to take a picture with her beautiful mother.  Peyton grabbed mom and said “Cheese!!!”  So of course I had to take the picture.

This was an awesome afternoon.  Did any of you CurvieBirdies go out this weekend?  Any good finds?

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