Mar 8, 2012

Kmart: Love Your Style Look

A few months ago, I did a post on the super trendy fashions I purchased from Kmart online.  The plus size fashion line is called LYS which stands for Love Your Style.  And I must say that I am truly loving this Kmart Line!!  It is not what I expected.  The fashions are trendy, cute, and a much higher quality than I expected from Kmart.  So if you are looking for fabulous fashions for a smaller budget, Kmart LYS line is definitely for you!!!  Here is how I style the cute skirt I purchased . . .


DSC01076  DSC01073

DSC01071  DSC01069

I am wearing a black blazer from Torrid.  The cami is from Lane Bryant.  The gorgeous skirt is from Kmart’s LYS line.  Shoes are Jessica Simpson, and the necklace is from Avenue.  And lets not forget the star of this outfit SPANX!!!  These are the SPANX tights.

Here is the price breakdown:

Torrid Blazer                         Gift from mom.  Hi mom!!  Thx!!

LB Cami                                 $6.00

Kmart LYS Skirt                    $5.99

SPANX Tights                        $18.00

Jessica Simpson Shoes           $23.47 I think.  Gift from mom. Hi mom!! U the best!!

Avenue Necklace                    $2.00

Now I know a did good with this outfit.  I hope you CurvieBirdies feel the same!!  So have you tried the Kmart LYS Line yet?  If not, do you think you would purchase clothing items from Kmart?


  1. Hello. I found your blog from TiaLou's blog and had to come over and check out a fellow curvy fashionista! Love your style. You are working this skirt! Kiah

  2. I looooove this outfit! Super cute skirt!

  3. I love this look! So it's obvious that I need to hit up Kmart!