Feb 5, 2014

OOTD: Everything that Glitters!!!!!

Is it just me, or do you buy items and forget you have them?  Well, that seems to be something I do more often than I would want to admit. So while I was "digging in the crates" the other day, I found this super fantastic blazer that I just had to rock!

Calvin Klein Jacket-Thrifted, Shirt-Target, Skirt-Asos, Shoes-Steve Madden, Bag-Kate Spade

I love anything that sparkles!!!! I got this Calvin Klein jacket at a thrift store if you can believe that.  I paired it with a skater skirt, leopard shoes and my diaper bag!!  LOL!! When you have a baby, you have to consolidate, so I put away the Fendi's and Gucci's for the Kate Spade diaper bag/purse!!  Don't judge me!!

Well, I think I look cute. Hehehehe!! Do ya'll like this look?  To the moms, do you ever just carry your diaper bag and forget carrying the purse?  How often do you buy items and forget that you have them?