Feb 17, 2014

Weekend Style: Asos and Target

I had a rough weekend due to getting wisdom teeth pulled, but still found a way to get dressed and hang.  I always say that if you look good, then you will feel good.  Well mission accomplished! 

While at home on maternity leave, I did a lot of shopping online.  I rediscovered Asos and got some really cute pieces.

I got the mini skirt from Asos.  I am not sure if a mother should be wearing a mini skirt, but its cute.

 That jacket is from Target.  Target has some really hot jackets with leather on the sleeves, and I got one!  Ya'll should check them out too!! The Coach bag was a gift from my mom. Thanks Toni!!!

And lets not forget the Jeffery Campbell Snake skin Wedges below!!!!!

Do you think that moms can wear mini skirts?  Do ya'll like the jackets with leather trim that seems to be in every store?  Do you shop Asos?

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