Dec 26, 2012

Day after Christmas Sales!!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas yesterday.  This CurvieBirdie was super sick with the flu, so I stayed barricaded in my granny’s spare room most of the day.  I was not even allowed in the kitchen, and I eat my dinner by myself.  When I was finished, I got up and my spot was wiped down so everyone else could eat.  Brutal I know, but I didn’t want anyone else to get sick either.

Well after drugging myself all day, I am feeling better.  Now it’s time to do what curviebirdies do best . . . . . . .SHOP THE SALES!!!!!

These are my after Christmas sale picks!


Ya’ll know that “If it weren’t for Old Navy, I’d be naked!”  I already started my shopping online on Christmas.  There are some great deals in the Plus Sized line.  I got multiple tops and dresses for $10 and pants/jeans for $15.  So I suggest that ya’ll CurvieBirdies check it out too!!! Plus shipping is free for orders over $50!! 

S/N:  Don’t forget to check the maternity side because there are always deals.  I shop it, and get better sales sometimes!!!!


BBW Logo

75% Off

This is what I used everyday.  I try to buy enough at the semi annual sale to last for at 6 month til the next sale.  The sale includes many of the classic Bath and Body scents.  You can’t go wrong with $3 bath wash, lotions, and scents!!!!!  I will probably hit up a few of these stores!!  This is truly the one sale I wait for every 6 months!!!


And of course Target.  Since I don’t have any children, I never put up a Christmas tree, but I think I will start.  So I will be looking to buy a Christmas tree and ornaments tomorrow to get ready for next year!!!  The best time to buy this stuff is always the day after Christmas when its 50% off!!!

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