Dec 19, 2012

Just Fab Fabulous Holiday Shoe Party

Hello CurvieBirdie!  Hope the week is going well for you all.  So Friday, I was invited out to a JustFab shoe party by Danielle the Style N Beauty Doctor.  This event was so fun.  We had food, drinks, and of course fabulous bloggers and SHOES!!!!!


The event was held at Freddy O’s Art Studio which has a custom making Tee Shirt shop.  This shop had tons of old album covers that I am so in love with.  So the décor was super dope!


My favorite Michael Jackson!!!

Cute T-Shirt designs and slogans:




And we cannot forget the shoes!!!!!!!!!


These shoes are the kind of shoes I would like to call . . . . . well never mind.  Mommie reads the blog so I can’t really say what I want, but these are the kinda shoes that may get your rent paid!!!!


In my Carrie Bradshaw voice, “Hello Lover!!”


Another hot pair of   . . . . . Shoes!!  I think I could rock these very well!!


Who said 3 is a crowd?  Not with these 3 honey!!!


So at the end of the party, JustFab awarded all the ladies there with a free pair of shoes (credit).  I went to their website, and I am having a hard time choosing which to purchase.  But, I will keep ya’ll posted!!!!


So do you shop at JustFab?  How has your experience been with your purchases?


  1. Great recap!! I have tried to shop there but I never really like anything that I see.

  2. I love Just Fab! I have not had any issues!

  3. Sounds like my kind of party lol I just love shoes

  4. We had a great time!!! My giftcard is spent plus some LOL!