Dec 21, 2012

Something to Chirp About: I Graduated!!!

Hello Ladies and gents.  I spend much of my blog time telling you all about great events and fabulous finds.  Well today, I decided to focus on one CurvieBirdie in particular . . . . . . . ME!!!!!

no make up

Yesterday, I graduated from Keller School of Management with a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  I am so proud of this accomplishment that I had to share it with my Curvie family!

phone 939

I has been a journey,  I started and stop.  But thank you Jesus, I decided to go back and finish!

phone 942

phone 943

phone 953

Excuse the boob-age, but it was hot under that thing!!

phone 955phone 959


phone 966

phone 963

So thanks for celebrating with me!  Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

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