Dec 24, 2012

It’s Christmas Eve!!!!!

I cannot believe how fast this year has pasted us by.  Christmas is tomorrow, and I have been focusing on graduation and getting over this cold.  I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet.  I know; shame on me!!  Well the shopping jeannie has granted all last minute shoppers with some great deals!!!

Target is have a last minute sale with some great gifts at greater prices.  So I will seriously be all up in Target tomorrow!!!


Now Toys R Us will be open until 10pm tonight!!  I only have 1 baby to buy for, but she is my pooter.  So I guess I will be all up in Toys r Us tomorrow too!!!!

Well, I hope this helps ya’ll out if you still have some last minute shopping to do!!  Also, most grocery stores have a huge selection of giftcards if that will work out better for ya’ll!! 

Have you finished all your shopping yet?  If not, what stores do you plan to go today?

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