Nov 5, 2012

OOTD: Weekend Style

It’s Monday again, and I hope we all can get through it fabulously!  This weekend, I went to the Center for Black Women’s Wellness 5th Annual Family Health & Beauty Expo.  It was a tremendous event with free health screenings, products, and super hot fashion shows!!!

I will be posting pics from the fashion show later this week, but first check out my fashion show weekend style!!




Cute right? I know!!!

Price Breakdown:

Cato Vest:                                         $4.95

Thrifted white shirt:                         $2.35

Thrifted scarf:                                   $2.50

Dots Leopard jeans:                          $9.00

PrettyGirl Glam earrings:                $12.00

Icandee accessories:                         $15.00

Nordstoms red shoes:                       $29.99

Total without shoes:                     $45.80

Total without accessories:          $18.80

So how did I do?  I only paid full price for the accessories!  Boom!!!!!  Have you all started thrifting yet?  If so, tell about the fab pieces you have purchased.

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