Nov 28, 2012

Winterizing Your Wardrobe Wednesday

Hello CurvieBirdies!!!  Today we have a young lady that has also mastered the art of winterizing her wardrobe.  Please meet Ms. Jennifer!!



When I saw her, I was like this is the perfect winterizing your wardrobe outfit. She uses a bright colored skirt and belt then adds the black tights, jacket, and boots. Way to go added a little bright color to fall/winter!



I love that gold bow bracelet!!!  Super hot!  Great job Jennifer.  You hit this one on the nose in my opinion.

Outfit breakdown:

Thrifted Jacket:                  $2

Thrifted top:                       $1

Thrifted belt:                      $1

Accessories:                        $6

Skirt:                                   $20

Total:                              $30 !!!!

Love the look, love the price!  Have any of you started to winterize your wardrobes yet? 

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