Jun 24, 2013

CurvieBirdie is Preggers and IT’S A GIRL!!!!

Happy Monday ladys and gents.  It is time for me to let the cat out the bag.  I am 5 months pregnant with my first child!!!  Yes, it's true, and I am still in shock.  But I am happy to be having a little Birdie with my now Fiance John.  So thanks in advance for all you well wishes!!

This weekend, I went to Old Navy to get the $8 dresses, but I got there too late to get the xxl sizes cuz that's all this belly will fit in.  Next door to Old Navy, there is a Carters and they are having a huge sale!  Take a look at all the items I purchased:





I got 16 pieces for $50!!!  Yep, all that stuff was just $50.  Even my baby is going to be a baby fashionista!!!  Thank you John for buying your future daughter some of her first outfits! 
So what do ya'll think of these purchases?  I know I did good.  Do other baby stores have sales like these?  For all you mothers out there, any advise for a first time mom?


  1. OMG, I screamed out loud LOL!!

    Congrats to you and your soon-to-be hubby! Baby Birdie's got so many cute clothes already :-)

    May you continue to be blessed!

  2. yyyaaaayyyy!!!! Finally I can comment about it! I'm so happy!!!

  3. Great deals! I can't wait to help dress my new pooter!