May 3, 2013

Style Me Fridays: CurvieBirdie’s Point of View

This Fridays challenge was to style a white tee.  I thought that was a cute idea sense you can wear a white tee with anything causal or dressy and it still looks hot!  So check me out in my super trendy white tee!!


My look:
Outfit Breakdown:
Twele24 White Tee:                                 $29
Dillards Gray Shinny Jeans:                   $11.60
Shoe from Shoe Guy:                              $34.90
Armani Bracelet:                                     $gift
Total without shoes:                           $40.60

I love doing Style Me Fridays.  Many people think that curvie women can’t do the same things as other women can, but I show you that you can.  There is always cute fashions for curviebirdies.  We just have to go out, find them, then style it like only a curviebirdie can do!!!!
So I think my fav part of this look is my wedges!  Tell me what do you think?  Would you have paired that tee with skinny jeans?  What would you do different?


  1. Looking good. I really love the shoes! It's amazing how pairing a white tee with the right items can take it up a notch.