May 17, 2013

Style Me Friday: CurvieBirdie’s Point of View

Its Friday and I’m ready to swing.  Pick up my girls and hit the party scene.  Tonight, its alright!!  What ya’ll know about that classic Aaliyah?  Anyway, this weeks challenge was shorts suits or shorts and separates. 


My ReCreation:



Outfit Breakdown:
Cato Blazer:                       $ 4.99??? old
Old Navy Tank:                 $6.00
Macy’s Shorts:                   $11.27
Accessories:                       $12.00
Shoe Dazzle Shoes:           $39.99
Total w/o Shoes or accessories:         $22.26

I know some curviebirdies don’t wear shorts, but we can!!  I just started wearing shorts last season, and it really feels good.  I think we can dress up and rock shorts just as fly as anyone else!!!
So how did I do?  Would you have paired the orange shorts with the blue striped tank?

Check out the other Style Me Friday bloggers at Fashionista Next Door and tell me how I compare!!

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