May 22, 2013

Something to Chirp About: Freedom Paradise Resort

Hey Curviebirdies.  How you ever wanted to go to the beach for vacation, but didn't feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit?  Or do not go to the pool in the summer due to being embarrassed about your size?  I know that there are a few curviebirdies out there that feel this way.  Well, I recently found out about a resort that caters to plus sized vacationers.

Per management, "We have hired personnel of all sizes, and have specially trained our slim staff, because there's a lot of discrimination in everyday life," said Jurriaan Klink, commercial director of the resort, about 85 miles south of Cancun. " There are a lot of people who put off vacations, saying 'I'll buy that bikini when I lose 15 pounds.' We say, why wait to lose weight, when you can enjoy life now?"
I love the beach and I love the water.  I do not have an isssue wearing a swimsuit, because I love the water and ya'll know I think ima mermaid!!!  However, I do like the idea that there is a vacationing place for curviebirdies to go that is friendly and sensitive to their needs!!  Call your travel agent to book!
Do you wear swimsuits?  Would you feel comfortable going on vacation or to the pool with your swimsuit on?  Would you feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit at a resort that caters to curviebirdie needs?

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