May 28, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me: Overweight States

Good afternoon CurvieBirdies!  I hope everyone had an awesome holiday weekend full of family, fun, and food!!!!  I was sitting back thinking as I was laying on the couch with the "itis" about overweight stats.  I was wondering what parts of the country had the most overweight people.  S/N: Also wondering if those states had the best cookouts this weekend!!  Anyway, I wanted to take this post and drop some stats on ya'll.  Do you think you know what the most overweight state is?  How about the lowest percentage of overweight?  Well here is something that you might find enlightening:

2010 State Obesity Rates
Alabama32.2Illinois28.2Montana23.0Rhode Island25.5
Alaska24.5Indiana29.6Nebraska26.9South Carolina31.5
Arizona24.3Iowa28.4Nevada22.4South Dakota27.3
Arkansas30.1Kansas29.4New Hampshire25.0Tennessee30.8
California24.0Kentucky31.3New Jersey23.8Texas31.0
Colorado21.0Louisiana31.0New Mexico25.1Utah22.5
Connecticut22.5Maine26.8New York23.9Vermont23.2
Delaware28.0Maryland27.1North Carolina27.8Virginia26.0
District of Columbia22.2Massachusetts23.0North Dakota27.2Washington25.5
Florida26.6Michigan30.9Ohio29.2West Virginia32.5

Yellows have the highest Obesity rates
Red has the lowest rate

So where does your state stand?  Do you agree with these numbers?  Do you thing there are some confounding variables that make these states be affected more than the others?  Please share your thoughts!

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