Mar 20, 2013

Who’s Your Fashion Icon? Babyshopaholic+ Jackie O

Last week, I shared my fashion icon with you, Sarah Jessica Parker.  I asked my followers to send me their pictures of themselves and to tell me who their fashion icon was.  Well Trina from the Babyshopaholic told me her fashion icon is the stylish and super elegant Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Looking at the pics of Jackie O and the Babyshopaholic, I can see she does incorporate Jackie O in her styling.

Here they are with the girls:



Chic, conservative, but sexy dresses:


Can’t go wrong with a hot black dress:

Print coats are so classic:

I think Trina looks amazing, and I think Jackie O would be proud that she is the Babyshopaholic’s fashion icon!!  Wouldn’t you agree?

Please keep sending in your pics and tell me who your fashion icon is.  I will post a collage of you and that person.  Send pics to

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  1. Thank you for the feature! Jackie O is a big inspiration for my style!