May 3, 2012

Misheeke Make-Up Launch Party

This past weekend, your truly was invited to the cosmetics launch party.  It was Misheeke cosmetics, fashion, and fun!!!  It was a very exciting event. 


Here I am wearing this super cute dress from Kmart!!  It’s the LYS Line which is a very Contemporary and stylish line.  CurvieBirdies, this is the reasonably priced line that we all can find something wonderful in!  I am wearing Boa Accessories, Sole Society shoes, and a borrowed handbag.

So back to the LYS dress.  I blogged about it before, but this was the first time I was able to wear it.  So comfortable and cute.  But you will never guess the price . . .


I know you could never tell that by looking at the dress!!

4-28 083

4-28 082   4-28 084

4-28 140   4-28 141

Fashionable ATL was in the house!!!

4-28 135  4-28 136

Miss Misheeke posed with Miss Sisi.       Miss Misheeke and her assistant.

4-28 139

Some of the new Misheeke Cosmetics that were used to get mini make overs.

4-28 094   4-28 131

4-28 093  4-28 132

The models are looking fierce and beautiful as you can see.

So keep an eye out for this cosmetic line!!  Support Miss Misheeke!!!!


  1. Fun night as always! Love that dress!

  2. Fun night as always! Love that dress!

  3. Looks like you had a ball. Cute dress!

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*