May 14, 2012

Iconic Nostalgia Fashion Gala 2012

5-5 138

Last week I attended the Iconic Nostalgia Fashion Gala in Atlanta.  This was the 4th annual show, but my first time going.  There were so many people and vendors in the building. 

5-5 139

This CurvieBirdie was looking very cute in her colorful outfit.  I love her jewelry.  Super cute!!!

5-5 142   5-5 141

5-5 140

Here I am dressed in a dress I got for free from the Swapinista Party I attended a few weeks back.  Mr. decided he wanted to come to the fashion show too.  Just so you know, he would not let me style him so I am not responsible for his look!!

I did have on this really cute chunk necklace that was black, brown, silver and gold.  However due to reasons beyond my control, the necklace broke as soon as I got to the fashion show.  Sucks!!  But luckily, my accessory girl was on deck to save me.  I bought those earrings from her at the last minute.

5-5 127

Thanks DeeDee!!!!!!

5-5 126  5-5 125

Here are some of the new pieces that Boa Accessories is now carrying.  Love it!!!

5-5 128

This vender had some really nice items as well.

5-5 129  5-5 130

Do ya’ll see this dress?  OMG!!!  I heart it.  I had no idea that dress came out like that until she raised her arms.  Unbelievable!!

5-5 131  5-5 132

Tattoo lips and cute bags!!

5-5 136  5-5 135

This vendor had really fab statement necklaces as well.  I am loving this green one.

Well due to the fact the event was over sold, I could not get a good seat in order to take pics.  Sorry CurvieBirdies!!!!!!

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