May 11, 2012

Neiman Marcus and Babyshopaholic: Spring and Summer Trends Part 2


Here is part 2 of the FABULOUS Babyshopaholic Neiman Marcus event.

5-5 013

This event was held in the Cusp Department.  This is the area has the affordable clothing items that David presented to us.

5-5 115

This is Dave Ferguson Stylist Extraordinaire!!!  If you need any help with the new trends, this is the man you need to see.  Isn’t he so cute?  Cute enough to be a mannequin!!!

The outfits he put together for us is what he likes to call “Throw and Go” outfits.  Also, he said to to pair these outfits with a silver shoe which is the hot shoe color this season.

5-5 044  5-5 046

This season is about bold colors and fun bags.  Notice the hot pink color with a snake skin clutch.  Also take note of the silver shoes.

5-5 051  5-5 052

Floral “pajama-like” pants paired with a colored tee.  Floral prints are in this season, and this is a nice cool outfit that would look good out anywhere.

5-5 056   5-5 054

I so love these jail-bird pants.  I never would have thought about black and white flare pants like these until Dave pulled this out.  The pants are paired with a super cute yellow top.  Again, yellow is the color of the season.

5-5 062  5-5 061

Per Dave, color pants are a must this season.  This is paired with a loose fitting asymmetrical top.

5-5 090   5-5 088

Here we are seeing that coral color again.  Long skirts are always a must have in anyone’s wardrobe.  A long skirt, shite tee, and a colored denim jacket is all you need to pull off this look.  Dave suggests that colored denim jackets should also be in our wardrobes.

5-5 071   5-5 072

Color, Color, Color!!!  This is a repeat mention from Dave.  Please don’t be scared of it!!!  This is a very pretty colored tank with a lining matched with a pair of colored shorts.  These are the same shorts Miss Babyshopaholic is wearing at the event, so you can see how well they fit!!

5-5 075

Coral jeans and a tribal print top.  Now this is an outfit that can be worn to work, out with the girls, or on a date.

   5-5 103

This gown is so pretty!!!  It is a jeweled maxi that is so glamorous!!!  I need one of these is CurvieBirdie sizes!!!

So here is a recap of the musts for the season:

1.  Color denim.  Jeans and jackets are must haves

2.  Floral pants.  This can be jeans or pants.

3.  Silver shoes

4.  Maxi Skirts

5.  Fun bags

So which looks are you in love with?


  1. Cute makeup and dress! I'm so into maxi skirt and I'm dying to get my hands on some cute cobalt blue denim jeans. I tried Target & Marshalls but no luck :(

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

  2. wow! this event looks awesome! wish i could been there! trina's great! I missed meeting you at the Misheke launch party a a couple of weekends ago! but i'm glad i found your blog and i love it! I'm definitely following you and i hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too!