Mar 18, 2014

Something to Chirp About: Must Have Plus Size Pieces

It seems that most days when I got to work, my coworkers will say that I always look so cute and professional. When I go out, my friend tell me that I am always dressed to kill. Also, sometimes when I am out alone, strangers will try me how pretty i look and that I dress well.

One of the reasons why I decided to start this blog was for the fact that every woman no matter size should be able to look beautiful and wear items that compliments their flyness. So here are a few items that I feel are essential for a curviebirdie's wardrobe.

Torrid Plus Skinny Jeans
These items can be mixed and matched all together.  No matter how you wear them, you will always have a clean and crisp look!!!
So do you have these items in your wardrobe?  How do you mix and match?  Do you dress it up or down?

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