Jul 24, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me: Target Dress Sale!!

Happy Hump day everyone.  Yesterday, I went to Target to buy Mister some socks and Khakis for our Chicago trip.  While walking towards the back of the store to the Men's Dept, I had to walk by the Ladies and Plus-Size sections (wink wink).  This sign caught my eye "$15 Dresses!!"  So ya'll already know that I had to go checkout what was available for this CurvieBirdie!!


So cute rught?  I couldn't believe it!  Summer dresses and maxis for $15.  You cant beat that with a bat honey!!  And the great thing is that there are dresses for all sizes!!  From small to 4x, you can get it in from 6pm-10pm in these dresses!  However, just so you know the plus dresses are $17.48.  I was able to get xxl so $30 I spent!!

Dresses are the way to go during the summer.  Especially when you are a pregnant CurvieBirdie like this one!!

So do you shop for clothes at Target?  Would you wear these dresses? 


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