Jul 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin Verdict

Morning CurvieBirdes.  I cannot say good morning or happy Monday today due to my heart feeling a bit heavy over the Trayvon Martin verdict.  I am not going to make any comments on my own opinions about how I think the verdict should have turned out, but on how we all should proceed.

I wasn't really sure if I should post anything because I know must of us are very emotional about this case, and it may hit home more for some of us.  What I can say that most people probably feel is that it is a shame that a young man has died.  I loss of a young life is truly devastating to us all. 

Whether you feel that Zimmerman got away with murder or if he was justified, we can all say that the death of this young has brought many people together and ignited a fire for them to demand change and support.  Trayvon Martin's life has impacted us all no matter how you feel about the verdict.  Also, this is a sad time because the young man died.  So we all need to be sensitive to each others feelings and keep negative comments off Twitter and Facebook.

We all can agree that this was a tragedy and a horrible waste of a child's life.  May his family be blessed in their time of sorrow.