Jul 10, 2013

CurvieBirdie needs Your Momy Help!!!

Hello all you CurvieBirdies out there.  This chick needs your help!  As you all know, I am 5 months pregnant with my first child.  I am far from my mother and BFF's in Chicago, so ima need ya'll help and experience to get med through. 

I have a bunch of questions that I would love for my readers to comment on and send me helpful tips about being pregnant.  So here we go:

Q:  My boobs (nipple especially) itch a lot.  What can I do to aleivate this annoying itch?

Q:  When do you think it is the best time to buy baby furniture.  My mom thinks it may be too early still, but I would like to know your opinions on this.

Q:  Is there a way to keep the swelling down in your feet?

Q.  When did you stop wearing heels?

Q:  How did you deal with constipation?  How often did you experience it?

Q:  How long did you stay home from work with the baby?

Q:  How did you deal with back pain?  When did it start?

Q:  If you are plus sized, where did you buy your maternity clothing from? Or did you have to just buy bigger sizes?

Q:  Was anyone 35 or older when they had their baby?  If so, how did it affect you?


Please help me out ladies!!  I need answers and I know ya'll have them!!!!  Leave your helpful comments below.


  1. I used a shake of Gold Bond's anti-itch powder and mixed it with vaseline to help relieve the itching on my boobs. It worked pretty well. You could also try some over the counter creams like Benadryl.

    We purchased a crib when I was 8 months. But honestly, if you're having the baby shower a month before your due date, I would wait and see what guests buy. And you don't need to go overboard. We did with our first but only ended up using the crib, bouncer seat, high chair, playpen and walker.

    The best way to keep swelling down is to stay off your feet as much as possible. Avoid tight shoes and heels. And when able make sure to elevate your feet.

    I didn't experience a lot of constipation with my pregnancies. You can always try natural remedies like prunes, prune juice, raisins and mango.

    I made the choice to become a stay at home mom. However, I know that's not an option for everyone. 6 weeks is a great amount of time to bond without worrying about work if you can do that.

    Idk if there is a way to be completely back pain free, but sleeping with a pillow under the side of my belly helped as did wearing a support band.

    I was plus sized when I had my second and I invested in a few pairs of maternity jeans but everything else I just went up a few sizes. Dresses and flowy tops with leggings become my best friends.

    Hope this helps some!

  2. I used to be a manager at Motherhood Maternity so many of your questions, I have been asked many times before.

    Itchy nipples - you can use a nipple cream to help with that. In my experience the best one is Medela Lanolin. It will also help with dry, cracked nipples, as well and it is even safe to use when breastfeeding. (Yes, you will most def need it then, too)

    Back pain - I didn't start having that until about my 7 month but you should get a Maternity Belt. It will help left your tummy and take the pressure off your back. It is the best thing, EVER!
    You can also use a body pillow or pregnancy pillow at night to help you get some comfort.

    I didn't go back to work until my son was 2 years old.

    I bought my crib, at about 7 months. I got the rest of my big items at the shower. You can also wait until after the shower and use gift cards for big purchases like the crib if you don't get one.

    I believe in buying maternity clothes and just not bigger ones. Besides maternity stores, stores like Ross, TJ MAXX, Marshalls cary maternity, including plus size maternity at great prices. Old Navy does, as well.

    Hope this helps. OH>>>make sure to get the book, "What to expect when your expecting." It covers EVERYTHING and is like the bible for pregnancy! I always get this book as a gift to friends and family when their pregnant.

  3. I am/was plus size during my pregnancy and I LIVED in Empire waisted dresses with leggings and did not buy any maternity wear.

    For my first son I stayed home 8 weeks and my second son I'm still at home 3 years later. ;)

    I bought my cribs pretty early around 6 months into the pregnancy.

    I wore high heels until I was about 8 months pregnant, but mostly because they were boots and helped my feet not to swell due to the compression.

    The last month of pregnancy was when I began to have back pains because the baby would sit on my sciatic nerve. NO BUENO

    Hopefully this helps! #BLMGIRLS