Jul 19, 2013

CurvieBirdie’s Little Birdie Shower Dress

Happy Friday ladies and gents.  Next weekend I am having a baby shower back home in Chicago.  I want to share this very special time in my life with my loved ones and close friends.  Plus I want to eat the Chicago food!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to wear a white dress for the shower, but a am having the hardest time trying to find one in plus size.  So here are some of my alternative pics:


Smocked Waist Printed Dress

Price: 39.50 Sale! $27.99


Fuchsia & Nude Allover Lace Dress

$68.50 $54.98



Floral high low dress

$79.95 Now $59.99

So what do ya’ll think?  Which would you choose?  Do you think I should stick with trying to find a white dress?  Help me please!!!!!


  1. I really hope you find a white dress because it's perfect for this warm summer weather. But if you don't all of these choices are really nice but my eyes keep roaming toward the Smocked Waist Printed Dress. Very Cute!

  2. Have you tried Ashley Stewarts, they had quite a few a few weeks ago when I was going to a white party. Check online if you don't have one in your area, they ship pretty quickly. Blessings in finding what you're looking for. I love the 1st dress though