Sep 19, 2012

OOTD: Lucky Fab

Happy Hump Day Ladies and gents!!!  We have made it half way through the week.  Yay!!  Last week, the beautiful Babyshopaholic gave me a gift.  She went to New York Fashion Week.  While there, she was able to attend the Lucky Fabb Fashion Week panel.  She got an amazing swag bag full of tons of goodies.  Well, there were a pair of leggings in there that were too big for her, so she gave them to this CurvieBirdie!!!  OMG!!  These leggings are so hot!!! 





I know ya’ll digging these pants too!!  They are so comfortable and cute.  I like want to wear them once a week they so cute!!!  Thanks Babyshopaholic!!!!  You the best!!

Outfit Breakdown:

Lane Bryant Jacket:                                         $23.00 I think.  Very old!

Old Navy Tee:                                                   $1.23

Old Navy Cami:                                                $1.23

Lucky Fabb leggings:                                        $FREE!!! Thx to Babyshopaholic!

Accessories:                                                      $15.00

Target Wedges:                                                 $29.99

Total without shoes:                                   $40.46


So there you have it!!!  Love my pants, love my look, and I love that Babyshopaholic thought of me!! 

So do you heart these leggings?  How would you have styled them?