Sep 4, 2012

Weekend Style

Hello CurviedBirdies.  I hope your 3-day weekend was filled with fun, family, and fashion!!!  I had a wonderful weekend.  I am actually still extremely tired.  But back to business today!

Since it was Labor day weekend. I wore all white.  I still believe that white shoes/pants should not be worn after Labor Day, so I tried to get it all in this weekend.  Take a look at my weekend style:






Outfit Breakdown:

White sleeveless Old Navy Knit top:                                           $5.00

Navy tank:                                                                                    $2.00

White Thifted “Not Your daughter: label pants:                         $3.50

BLM swag bag necklace:                                                              $free

Flower shoes from shoe guy:                                                        $29.90        

Total without shoes:                                                                  $10.50  


I love that this entire look was only $10.50!!  Everything I am wearing is name brand.  The thrifted pants alone retails for about $130+!!!!

So do you love this low cost look? Did you get all your white in this labor day as well?


  1. I love this look!! No I didn't wear white on Labor Day because the all white after Labor Day rule doesn't apply anymore according to Stacy and Clinton of What Not To Wear. I will be wearing white all year round and making it look great :)

  2. Loving this look!! Those shoes are fierce!

  3. I like the all white Tish. You've inspired me I may do all white this weekend...