Sep 17, 2012

Weekend Style

Happy Monday ladies and gents.  I hope the weekend was good to everyone.  I didn’t do too much.  I hung out with friends on Saturday night singing karaoke.  All I can say is that I song the mess out of me some Madonna!!  Hehehehe!!  Here is my weekend style!




I was wearing a pink Lane Bryant blazer with a flower Old Navy top.  I cut off a pair of Old Navy jeans to make the shorts, and I am wearing shoes from my shoe guy.

Outfit breakdown:

LB Blazer:                                                $19.99

Old Navy Top:                                         $5.28

Old Navy jeans made into shorts:          $10.00

Accessories:                                              $4.00

Shoes:                                                       $29.99

Total without shoes:                           $39.27

So that is my weekend style.  The only thing new was the blazer.  That Old Navy top is super old, and I bought those jeans 2 years ago.  They were kind of short, so I couldn’t wear heels with them.  So I sacrificed them and turned them into shorts.  Love the shorts now!!!!!

So what you think of my weekend style?  Do you still cut up jeans to make shorts?

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