Aug 7, 2012

Weekend Style: OOTD

Hello CurvieBirdies.  Hope everyone had a fab weekend.  I actually was moving all weekend, so I didn’t get to really do much else.  All my stuff is packed up, so I only had a few items to chose from when getting dressed.  Well, I pulled this look together with thrifted pieces and older pieces I already had. 

8-1 015

8-1 017

8-1 018

Outfit Breakdown:

Ross Jacket                                                           $10.99 (old, so not 100% on that price

Old Navy White Tee                                             $1.48

Thrifted Shorts                                                       $2.50

Target Wedge Sandals                                           $29.99

ICandee and Boa Accessories                                $16.00

ToTal  Outfit price without shoes/accessories:            $15.00!!!!!!

ToTal with accessories:                                                     $26.00!!!!!!


So you think this is cute or not?  I heart thrifting, do you?  Any good finds lately?

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