Aug 14, 2012

OOTD: Thrifting Mixed with Retail


Hey ladies and gents!!  So I know I have talked about thrifting a few times before, but I can’t stop!!!  It’s so fun, and I get super excited when I find amazing deals!!  So here is my outfit of the day.  It is thrifted mixed with older pieces I own.

8-13 025


8-13 030

8-13 025


8-13 027  8-13 033

Outfit breakdown:

Thrifted jean blazer:                                                   $3.50

TJ Maxx Baby Phat white jeans:                               $5.00

Old Navy Tank:                                                          $2.00

Accesorries:                                                                 $8.00

Shoe Dazzle Shoes:                                                     $19.95

Outfit Total without shoes:                                  $18.50


Do you love thrifting?  Where are some places you like to go thrifting?


  1. Wow, that's amazing, $18.50? Seriously? I really need to learn how to thrift shop. I really have no patience to seek out the great finds in thrift stores or discount stores. Learning to thrift shop is definitely on my things to do list. Your outfit is so cute and I love the shoes. Nice! :-)

  2. Umm I need to hook up with you when you go thrifting! : )

    I love the look; cute, chic, yet simple.

  3. Wow...great outfit and definitely awesome price! love thrifting!

  4. I need to go shopping with you!!!...Love it!!!!

  5. I love thrifting, sometimes it is a hit or miss for me but I love to go see, when I find good deal I be Stoked lol. Great finds and those shoes are fab