Aug 13, 2012

Blogging as a Business w/Talking with Tami

Hello CurvieBirdies.  Last Monday, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon hosted by the beautiful Talking with Tami.  It was at STRIP which is located in Atlantic Station.

8-13 005


8-13 006

The luncheon is something that talking with Tami does on a regular.  She talks about how to:

1. Increase the number of posts to engage your followers.

2. How to get more clicks/hits on your blog

3. Branding yourself

4. How to choose the right blog name

So, there were tons of helpful tips that Tami shared with the ladies at the luncheon.  She also stated that she will start doing some dinners as well to accommodate people who cannot come at lunch time.  That should be coming up next month, so watch out for it!!

At these events, Tami loves to have a surprise celebrity to come and speak to the group.  Well last Monday, the special guest was LaToya Wright (formerly LaToya Carter)!!!!!  OMG, she is so little and cute!!  I couldn’t believe how small she is.  TV does this lady no justice because she is gorgeous!!!!


8-13 008


8-13 021


8-13 013

Miss LaToya talked about her clothing store which is located in New Orleans.  She also plans to open a new location in Kenner, LA which is close to the New Orleans Airport.  She is also going to be launching a line of clothing at Wal-Mart stores, so be on the look out for that.

LaToya also talked about K. Michelle and her statements about MempHitz allegedly beating her.  According to K. Michelle statements, MempHitz was very abusive when she dated him.  K. Michelle says MempHitz used to beat her @$$ which is why she left that label and his management.  Now K. Michelle says she can prove it, but that has yet to be seen.


*Picture is from a domestic violence PSA K. Michelle is a doing

LaToya says that she stands by her man 100%, and she does not know who K. Michelle is referring to because MempHitz has never been abusive with her or any other female that he has been with.  LaToya says that if these statements are true, then why hasn’t K. Michelle produced any proof that can be verified?

Well I guess for now, we must be the judge.  Tonight on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle will talk more about this issue.

Moving on to  . . . .ME!!!!

So for this event, I rocked a Macy’s dress that I purchased about a month ago.

8-13 001

8-13 003

8-13 004

Outfit breakdown:

Macy’s dress:                                                $15.00

Shoe Dazzle Bag:                                         $19.95

DSW Shoes:                                                 $23.90

Boa Accessories:                                          $14.25

Total without Shoes:                              $49.20


So how do you like my outfit?  Do you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?  Do you believe K. Michelle?


  1. I love your dress. I do believe K. Michelle.

  2. Great post!!! Yo looked great! I hope I can attend one of her luncheons soon I need some helpful tips :)