Jun 18, 2012

Style Bloggers of Color

Hello Ladies!!!  Last week I had the honor of attending the Style Blogger of Color Conference presented by the Beautiful Mattie James.  It was a weekend of fun, great networking, and amazing speakers.  Also Saturday night, there was an event called “Curls Night Out” which was sponsored by Mae of Natural Chica.  I was able to attend this affair, and I had a great time hanging with other Bloggers and shopping!!!

6-15 003

6-15 001 6-15 002

And the Style Bloggers of Color were looking super fab!!

6-15 004

6-15 034  6-15 035

6-15 020 6-15 005

And lets not forget the shopping!!!

6-15 016

6-15 017  6-15 021

6-15 0236-15 022

It was held to the swank INK Art Gallery in the Castleberry neighborhood.  This space had some beautiful art pieces there.

6-15 027

6-15 028

6-15 029

This event was amazing and I am so glad I was able to attend the conference.  Thanks Mattie James for putting together a event for Style Bloggers of Color!!!

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