Apr 18, 2012

Something to Chirp About . . . Swapnista !!!!


CurvieBirdies, I have some super exciting news for you!  Yours truly will participating in the Swapnista Day Party and Fashion Show.  Yes, I will be in the fashion show!! I am so excited, I can’t even think about anything else!!!!

This event will be an afternoon full of fun!  Come out to the premier swap party hosted by the SWAPNISTA.  Party with the Pretty Girls who rock dresses.  Featuring vendors, Fashionable ATL ripping the runway, food, and drinks.

There is still time to register for the swap, so come out and join!!!  Also, come and support this CurvieBirdie in action!!!!

Have you ever been to a swapnista event?  Do you plan on attending?

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