Feb 24, 2012

Birds of a feather

Today we have a Young CurvieBirdie doing her thing.  Everyone, please meet my friend Miss Sherrell!  This pretty CurvieBirdie is fab in her fashions shown below!!

random 045

Flowie wrap/tie shirt @Dots     $9.00

Brown cami @WalMart           $3.00

Dark wash jeans @Dots            $12.00

Brown leather-like boots           $7.00

Earrings @Boa Accessories       $5.00


random 049


random 048   random 047

I really love this look.  Flowie/wrap tie shirts are a huge win for curviebirdies.  These types of shirts hide mid-sections (or lovely ladies lumps as I like to call it).  I own many of these types shirts cause no one needs to see my lovely lady lumps!!

Dots is always a fan fav for fashions on a budget!!  You did good Miss Sherrell!!

Do you like/own flowie/wrap tie shirts?

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