Feb 8, 2012

Fro Fashion Week!!

fro fashion wk 003
This weekend was the natural hair Fro Fashion Week in Atlanta!!!  I was in attendance for this lovely event.  There was so much information and products that will enhance your natural hair experience and style. 
The events included:
Lunch with Afrobella
Rooftop party at Hotel Melia
Fashion Show
I attended the rooftop party.  I met quite a few CurvieBirdies there.  And these CurvieBirdies did not disappoint in their fashion!!!  Here are a few of the lovely ladies:
fro fashion wk 004    fro fashion wk 005
This is Ms. Tara.  She is rocking a short black skirt with ruffles, grey sweater, black boots, and the cutest tights she got from Walmart!!!
fro fashion wk 023   fro fashion wk 024
This  beautiful CurvieBirdie is rocking a long blue dress with a brown belt, brown shoes and her natural locks!!  Isn’t she hot?
fro fashion wk 026   fro fashion wk 027
This hot little diva is Constance!  She is rocking a super cute leopard belted dress with blue suede shoes.  She must have gotten the memo on animal prints cuz she did that!!!!
fro fashion wk 030  fro fashion wk 031
This CurvieBirdie is wearing all the sexy black.  She is so fly, she wore earrings to let us know how fly she is.  We got it boo!!  You the fly-est!!!
I also attended the fashion show on Sunday.  The show started out with a Plus Sized line by Miss Toni Morrison.  Please check out her styles on these beautiful CurvieBirdies!!!
fro fashion wk 056
fro fashion wk 057  fro fashion wk 059  fro fashion wk 062  fro fashion wk 064
fro fashion wk 065  fro fashion wk 067
fro fashion wk 071  fro fashion wk 072
These are some cute dresses!!  I’m going to have to check her out.  I think I need me a new dress!!!
Finally, my look.  I am not sure why I don’t have a pic of me on Sunday, but here is my look at the Rooftop Party.  I am wearing:
fro fashion wk 038   fro fashion wk 041
fro fashion wk 011  fro fashion wk 014
Sequin top from Torrid            $17.50
Black Jeggings Dots                 $18.80
Black Peep Toe Shoes DSW    $39.99
Blue Flower from Shoe Guy  $2.00
The weekend was great.  Hats off to everyone that helped put the Fro Fashion Week together!!!!
Was anyone able attend this conference?  If so, what did you like the most?

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