Feb 28, 2012

Are You a Sadiddy Girl ?

Last week I attended a magazine launch party for Sadiddy Bad-Ass Celebration Magazine Launch Party.  I met many of the Atlanta Bloggers at this fab event.  There was Bad Ass drinks, delicious food, and of course gorgeous fashions!!!

These are the Super Stylish Atlanta Bloggers:

Kristen, Mimi, Eboni, Sadiddy, Adrienne, Breck, Mattie, Trina

random 016  random 017

These little treats are so great.  The Cake-toppers were so good.  They make you think about slapping your mother, but not my mother.  She reads my blog.  Hi mom!!  I’m just saying.  The fruit –kabobs had chocolate cover strawberries!  #winningduh  No diets over here!!

random 014  random 013

Serving Bad Ass Cocktails drinks.  I am sure they are totally delicious, but I don’t drink so I cannot confirm that.  Hi mom!!

random 020

random 024

These some to the fashions that can be found at House of Adrene Boutique


random 035 

Here is Babyshopaholic rocking the Pink skinny jeans with the most bedazzled blazer ever!!  And she had on the Red Bottoms!!!  This is one hot momma!!  Literally!!


random 042

Here is Miss Jasmine, make-up artist extraordinaire!!!  Isn’t she gorge?


And the lady of the hour . . .Miss Sadiddy!!!  Congrads !!!!  Love you girl!

Please check out her magazine.  I promise you will love it!!!  http://www.iamsadiddy.com/magazine


Here I am rocking black skinny pants from Torrid, lavender sparkle belt from Dots, Sparkle blazer thrifted, and multi-color shoes from my shoe guy, and earrings from Pretty Girl Glam.  And please believe me CurvieBirdies, I DID NOT leave home without the Spanx!!!!!!

Now the breakdown:

Pants:                $27.50

Belt:                   $2.00

Blazer:               $2.50

Shoes:                $29.90

Here’s a closer look of the shoes:

random 044

So what do you think of all the fashions?  Don’t forget to check out http://www.iamsadiddy.com/magazine


  1. LOVE those shoes girl!!!! Thanx for the love and support! xoxoxoxo

  2. Love your posts! Your pics are awesome too! I may have to *clears throat* borrow that pic of me, lol! :)

  3. You look so cute! Great outfit and I really likethe shoes. Glad you all had fun!